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Software designers or graphic designers perform a commendable job by executing the idea of a software project into a graphic presentation or pictures. Right from beginners to experts, all the graphic designers use Photoshop for designing banners, postures, etc;

Sometimes being an expert doesn’t mean that you are aware of all the information or you are utilizing the resource at its optimum. And we know that beginners are never fully aware of the software functionalities or features. Hence to help out anyone who uses Photoshop for designing purpose, we present 10 shortcuts that will ease your work and save your time:

1. For hiding selections and Guides:

In Photoshop, guides help in aligning shapes, slices, and selections. The use of guides for keeping the position of elements the exact way you want them to be can cause a blunder in your work.

Therefore, solve it by putting off the toggle through Ctrl + H. Through this you can easily keep a check on your work without being bothered by the lines spread all over the sheet.

To activate it again, press Ctrl + H.

2. Want to Redo or Undo more than one thing?

This can be easily excelled by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Z for more than one UNDO and press Ctrl + Shift + Z for more than one REDO. Save your time by applying these shortcuts and debar the usage of the Edit menu.

3. How to paste in a particular place?

Photoshop is very friendly when it comes to the execution of commands in precise positions. As a result of which you can use Ctrl + Shift + V and paste the desired icon or picture in the desired position.

4. Guide for brushes:

Well, admit it or not but this is the most important part of Photoshop. So, pay attention to the brush shortcuts mentioned below:

  • [ – for decreasing the brush size
  • ] + for increasing the brush size
  • Shift + [ :for decreasing brush softness by 25%
  • Shift – ] :for increasing the brush softness by 25%
  • 1->0 – Tool Capacity:

This is used for the opacity of the brush. Pressing numbers from 1 to 0 will change the tool opacity from 10% to 100%. For changing the opacity as per your need, press the numbers accordingly. For example, if you want opacity to be 40% then press 4 but if you want opacity to be 57% then press 5 and 7 simultaneously.

  • Shift + 1->0 – Tool Flow:

Its working is the same as the opacity changer, the additional functionality while performing this can be done by pressing the additional Shift key.

5. Layers Shortcut:

Photoshop working revolves around the layers or sheets check out some cool shortcuts to make the work easy:

  • Ctrl + Shift + N: For adding a new layer upon the active layer. This layer will come with a dialogue box.
    • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N: For removing the dialogue box.
  • Ctrl + Shift + J – : This command will bring up the sheet from the stack. Scroll through to get the sheet of your choice.
  • Ctrl + Shift + [ : Bring the layer to bottom of stack.
  • Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ : Bring the layer forward and backward.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E: For flattening the layers or sheets.
    • To select a layer in Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Mouse-click
    • To select a layer in Mac: Ctrl + Alt + A or Cmd + Opt + A

6. Reselecting items:

Ctrl + Shift + D: For reselecting an item with the marquee.

Ctrl + Shift + I: For reversing the pre-selected item or image.

7. Trace history:

The simple command Ctrl + Y is used for going through history.

8. How to switch between two tools:

In case you are working with two tools then and want to choose one, then follow these commands:

Select the tool (Burn/Dodge, Blur/Sharpen) > Hold Alt key

For example, if you are using the Burn tool then pressing the Alt key will change it to the Dodge tool.

9. Spacebar For Navigation:

For this, hold the Spacebar along with it keep dragging and clicking with the left mouse button. And you have panned the canvas!

10. Enable the keyboard commands:

Press on Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K and a keyboard with all the PS CS6 shortcuts will be displayed.

And you can always go back to the keyboard and learn the shortcut you require at the moment or most.


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