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India is on the way of development, which means it is experiencing both negative and positive changes throughout. Negative changes are in sync with the positive changes, which results in a troubling factor in the growth and progress of Indian citizens.  An example of a helpful turned destructive change is the internet.

Everyone exploits the internet as per their need. The biggest need right now is an online job search. You come across many job posts on the web but due to the creativity of scammers, it becomes difficult to judge if it is genuine or fake.

The key goal of these scammers is to extort the hard-money from the applicants and flee.

It is noticed that fake job involves payment in return of the position at a company. Hence to help you stay several steps ahead of scammers, here are the ways to job search find a valid job offer:

1. Do not fall without enquiring thoroughly:

Before you apply for a post in any company or go for an interview, it is important to inquire about the company and the employees working there. This gives you an idea about the year of establishment and the validity of the company.

You can research by going through the company’s website. It is seen, every reputed and valid company has it is a website where they provide brief details about their work and employees. But if the company does not have a website then it is better to drop the offer.

2. Save yourself from paying:

If you are applying for a job in a well-established company, then keep in mind that they do not demand money in the exchange of a position in their company.

There have been some cases where cheats influenced job seekers to pay money and have an assured job. Such are fake job offers and you should stay away from the ones offering them.

3. Pay attention to the job specifications:

Concentrate on the job description; see if the applicants after turning into an employee will be paid via commission or salary process. It is important to clarify the smallest detail in respect of the payment; how and when will they pay.

In case the company is not providing surety on the mode and process of payment then it is in best respect to drop the offer.

4. Connect with your group:

Get in touch with your network and known people to know about the validity of the company. If the company is located in the same district where you are working currently then it does not stand a chance to go unrecognized. But in case nobody from your group or their acquaintance agrees to know the company then it might be a fake job offer.

5. The interview process can be a rude awakening:

A personal interview provides an insight into the work environment, employees and the office structure. Always prefer to go for personal interviews rather than telephonic interviews as there is a possibility of misuse of your number or telephonic way of interview stands a chance of rude and unethical interviews.

6. Stay cautious:

Sometimes the job offer sounds too sweet for the kind of degree and skill you possess which should be an alarm. Such offers can be fraud. The way through these is by verifying about the company, the CEO, and the employees working there.

7. Seek Google help:

Google is the ultimate source of details for any kind of thing. Exploit it to know about the legality of the company. You can start it by simply typing the company name in the search box and if it does not come with the relevant result then search for “company name scam” to know about the reported scams.

8. Mails will be in spam box:

Since the mail was sent to multiple people at the same time, they tend to land in the spam box. If this is the scenario with you then be alert and block the user.

9. Private mail address:

All the legal companies have mail addresses associated with the company name. But if you have received an email from either of “Gmail, Hotmail or yahoo” then consider it as a fraud.

10. Poor grammar:

Fraud offer letters have spelling errors, grammatical errors and if you are getting a mail by Human Resource manager then it is mare of a possibility to receive misspelled words and grammar full of mistakes.


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