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Making money in the real world is more challenging than spending money in the real world. It keeps getting difficult to earn when you have lost to “what is next?” question. Hence to save you from wasting your time in thinking about “how do I make money while I am still searching for a job”?

Or how do I make money when I do not really have an interest in either of the corporate world or government services?” we have listed some side jobs that may fall under your interest and does not really ask for 9-5 sitting and working:

1. Graphic Design:

If you are a graphic designer then you can work as a freelancer. Graphic designers are in high demand and will continue to stay in demand due to their creativity and amazing skills. A graphic designer can not only design websites or applications but can design anything present in the face of this earth. The best part about being a graphic designer is that you do not need a degree to become a designer. You can go through a diploma or learn under some senior designers and later start your own work.

If you are having a hard time finding a job, you can download the Worknrby application and register yourself on this platform to get jobs within your locality. This will save you time and money to travel to the office.

2. Blogging:

Blogging is the most common and exploited field of work. Start it by making a website through WordPress as it gives free templates which can help you in writing the blogs; later helps in attracting traffic on your blogs.  This is easy as the whole work is dependent upon your writing skills; people who are interested in writing will be in benefit through this but people who can not write must not pursue this.

3. Video Editing:

People these days are a Youtube or Instagram influencer, exploit the opportunity to work with them by becoming the video editor of their videos. You can learn video editing from a senior video editor and can later either work under him or start your own work separately. A video editor is capable of editing all kinds of videos such as wedding videos, interview videos, a documentary, a tutorial, etc;

4. Auto Mechanics:

If you are good at repairing vehicles then you should go with the passion. You can render your services to your neighbors or friends and start from a lower level of work; through this, you will be able to know the price of your work which can later help you if you desire to work in the large market.

5. Music Teaching:

There is less number of people who know how to play musical instruments, and if you are among this category of people then you can start teaching music to kids. The best time to utilize your skill is summer holidays; as this time kids are usually free and parents want them to learn something extra.

6. Musician:

If you are a musician and have an experience of performing in public then you can tie up with local lounges or hotels and start your part-time job. To be able to perform in public is an expert’s cup of tea if you are an introvert then break through your shell by starting the work at small and cheap lounges.

7. Karate Teaching:

With an increase in human abuse, you can help the people of all ages learn the karate and defend themselves if something bad happens to them.

Note: If you are going for karate classes then make sure the person teaching karate is qualified and has a certificate of his expertise. Stay away from fake people.

8. Food Delivery:

In a Swiggy and Zomato era, there are people who look for homemade food and prefer Tiffin Centers. If you are a good cook, you can deliver the food to people living on rent in a neighbor or nearby. Here you can target bachelors living in your local.

9. Proofreading and editing:

There is a lot of content on numerous blogs that need to be proofread and edited in order to raise the quality of the blog. Internet connects you to many such opportunities and once you have started this, you will be rolling with many such opportunities.

10. Crafts:

For a creative person, it is merely minutes of work to sculpt a craft or model. If you have an interest in craft making then it is good to connect with handmade crafts industry in your locality and make money as well as contacts there.

11. Fitness or a Yoga Trainer:

If you are a fitness freak then it is job news for you. First of all, you need to do a certified course in fitness training or yoga training. Later target people from your locality or join a local gym for initial work experience. Once you have gained enough experience you can provide personal classes at trainees’ home and can easily pull -off the part-time work process either in the evening or in the morning.

12. Photography:

Though India is still backward and has its own misconceptions when it comes to photography as a career, the majority of people support this field of work. You can work as a photographer at the wedding, pre-wedding, baby showers, office inaugurations, etc;

13. Dance Teacher:

Dance is difficult but is a favorite of many people. Dance can help a person maintain their physique. Start teaching dance to locals and then gradually expand your limits. Here you can either go to their home to teach or call them at your academy or home to teach them.

14. Gardening:

If you like to get yourself dirty with hummus and soil, then better follow this passion. You can grow plants of fruits and vegetables in your backyard or fields and sell the fully organic products in the market at a high price as nowadays everyone is emphasizing on the intake of organic food.

15. Home Tuitions:

Good news for all the teaching enthusiasts; you do not need to go through a certified course to follow your dream of teaching children.

Exploit the opportunity to make money by teaching kids. Go to their home and teach; this way your home environment will not be disturbed and your home will stay clean and tidy.

16. Sports Teacher:

Teach kids as well as adults at a local park; this will attract more people to join your group. Initially charge minimum and once you have formed an official team, you can increase your fee. You can also provide tee shirts and protein drinks to attract people.

17. Social Counseling:

If you love to help people this is for you; conduct weekly meetings and address people who are going through some kind of problem and are willing to move on.  Start this free of cost. But always record a video of the meeting and upload it on your Youtube handle. Use marketing tricks to divert traffic towards your page and make easy money.

Hobbies differ from person to person but if you think you are really good at something then start making money and help this society in becoming a better place to survive.

For ones who do not know how to begin their career in their favorite hobbies, check out WORKNRBY application and hunt down your kind of job.


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