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Internet is the easiest way to know something. This will be made easier by introducing faster internet services by the start of 2020.

Honestly, faster internet service will not make a major impact. Because the problem is not “slow internet” connection; instead, it is the “time” taken to browse to get hold of the precise information you are looking for.

But what if you were told that there are solutions for this problem?

You will be surprised, right?

Well then, be surprised because that is true. There are not 4 or 5 solutions but a whole package of 10+ solutions or shortcuts that will help you in working smarter and saving precious time. So, without wasting your time here, let’s begin with the internet explorer shortcuts worth saving time:

1. Alt + Backspace/Left arrow:

Try this key for going back to the previous page. This is easier than constant clicks.

2. Alt + Right arrow:

This shortcut will redirect you to the next page.

If one’s mouse is not in good condition, then they can use this key to move forward.

3. Alt + Down arrow:

Press this shortcut to move a selected item down the favorites list.

4. F5:

This is used to refresh the page.

5. F11:

Master this shortcut to toggle between the regular view and full-screen.

When blogs and websites do not provide the full screen and regular view, this will help you to adjust the screen as per your choice.

6. Ctrl + F4:

The shortcut will close the current window.

7. Esc:

This will help you in stopping the download of a particular page.

The key will come handy when your internet connection is too slow to load the page, and the part demanded by your research has been loaded. By pressing Esc or escape, you can stop the loading and continue your work without worrying about the time to be taken to complete the loading.

8. Ctrl + ( + or – ) :

It is the best shortcut as it gives the person an authority to zoom in or zoom out.

This works as a blessing for the people with spectacles or vision problems.

9. Ctrl + Enter:

Use this works in the search tab. It will add www. At the beginning and .com at the end of text entered in address/ search bar.

10. Ctrl + D:

Fear to lose a piece of info worth life? Then, apply this key.

The shortcut is used to add the current site or page to the favorites.

11. Ctrl + I :

Using the internet to find out where is favorites folder, sounds like a foolish idea.

Hence use this to view your favorites.

12. Ctrl + N :

Sometimes due to a lot of opened tabs, it becomes difficult to navigate the one tab that is needed at the moment.

To save yourself from wasting time in finding the particular tab, you can open the window by applying this shortcut.

13. Ctrl + P:

Use this to print the current page.

Note: All the other settings have to be done with the help of the mouse.

14. Ctrl + T:

Super easy way to open a new tab. This is easy to remember as T stands for tab.

15. Ctrl + tab:

The function helps you to switch between the tabs.

One can make most out of this shortcut by using it when there are numerous tabs on the window.

Note: This will work from the 1st tab. You cannot jump in between through this function. For more betterment, a mouse is always an option.

16. Spacebar:

Use this key to move downward. It works as per the holding time is taken by the fellow. The slower, the shorter, the faster, the longer it will go.

17. Shift + Spacebar:

This shortcut is used to move upward.

Alike the “spacebar” shortcut, this also works as per the holding time. The slower, the shorter, the faster, the longer it will go.


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