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Developer as a profession can take you places but only if you are aware of the power it holds. A developer is considered to be the wisest of all because no matter how amazing the app they are working upon is, in the end, their talent and creativity perform wonders.

There is one thing about programming that you cannot get the work done in the first try. And here comes the rescue in a form of shortcuts which makes work slightly easy and less time-consuming.

Shortcuts play an important role in our lives but many of us are not associated with technical work which is fine if don’t go with shortcuts while getting the work done via laptop or desktop. But those like programmers and gamers need not leave a chance where they can make work easy just by applying shortcuts. Hence below is the list of shortcuts worth imbibing for all the developers or programmers out there:

I. Shortcuts for IDE or VS code:

a. Alt + Left Arrow: Go back- find the last position of the cursor

b. Alt + Right Arrow: Go forward- find the last position of your cursor the other way or undo the undo

c. Ctrl + Shift + F: Find in all files

d. In case GoTo definition stops working or you are searching for a string:

a. Ctrl + K + C : Comment

  b. Ctrl + K + U: Uncomment

 c. Ctrl + /: Comment toggle

e. Alt + Shift + Up Arrow: for duplicating the line above

f. Alt + Shift + Down Arrow: for duplicating the line below

g. Ctrl + Shift + R: Refactor

h. F12: GoTo definition

i. F2: Rename

j. Ctrl + D: Multi cursor; for selecting the next event

k. Ctrl + Shift + L: Multi cursor; for selecting all in file

l. Ctrl + P: Quick find; for finding files and all

II. Shortcuts for browser:

a. Ctrl + Shift + t: for opening the previous window in the browser

III. Shortcuts for Generic Window:

a. Ctrl + C: for copying a command or file

b. Ctrl + V: for pasting the copied file or command

c. Ctrl + S or Shift + INS: for saving the work done

d. Ctrl + Z: Undo the mistake

e. Ctrl + Y: Redo something erased earlier

f. Ctrl + F: lets you minimize the window

g. Window + D: maximizes the window

h. Window + Up/Right Arrow: for moving the window or app to the right side or left side of the screen

i. Alt + Tab: Window tab move

j. Shift + Alt + Tab: apply this for reverse window tab move

k. Ctrl + Arrow: for moving a cursor across the word to go on the next character or space (whatever is present)

l. Ctrl + Shift + Arrow: for moving a cursor across the word to go on the next character or space and highlight it.

IV. Forget Mouse and use these cursor shortcuts:

a. Ctrl + Arrows: this helps in moving word by word

b. Ctrl + Home: will take you to the start of the file

c. Ctrl + End: will take you to the end of file

d. Shift + Cursor or arrow movement: will help in moving along with selecting the text


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