The storage problem is worse than overthinking. One cannot completely eradicate this problem because the storage is constantly used for saving that one favorite quote, a bundle of songs, videos, or documents which at first seemed important, but their importance fades away with time.

But don’t worry, freeing up space on the iPhone is not as complicated as it used to be. The easiest way to free up the storage is by deleting the unwanted stuff but if you are done deleting the unwanted pictures, documents and apps then you will be amazed to discover the following digital and non-digital hacks to clean up the space on the iPhone:

1. iCloud at rescue:

iCloud will store your pictures and videos in the original form without altering their size or texture. And if you are signing up on iCloud with iPhone, Apple will provide 5GB free space, and for more space, you will have to pay.

iCloud will not automatically backup the pictures because changes done on one device will be followed on other devices like Mac or iPad. If you delete a file on the iPhone, then it will be deleted from all other devices too. Hence it is suggested to always carry backup copies of everything important.

On devices with iOS 10.3 and above is installed need to follow this process:

Settings > (your name) > iCloud > Photos > Select Download and keep original

One can always compress the file size and save more space. iCloud has your photos and videos in the original hi-res version, therefore, going for Optimize Storage option will be more beneficial. The process to do so is:

Tap Settings > (your name) > iCloud > Tap Photos > Choose Optimize iPhone Storage.

And if you think paying for space beyond 5GB is not a genius move, then you can seek the help of Google photos and transfer all the photos and videos in high resolution or original form. Google photos are free to use until 100GB and will always have the backup of your pictures.

2. Delete applications:

This is the common way to free up some space from your iPhone. Start by deleting the pre-installed apps like a compass, voice memo, stocks, etc., and then target the applications which are not needed in the future.
If you want to delete according to the size and storage space have taken, then follow the process:

Open Settings > Click on General > Click on Storage & iCloud > tap on Manage Storage

Now, you will get a transparent report on all the applications and which application among the present ones is taking up the maximum space.

Once you have discovered the size of an application, then it becomes easy to list out the apps which should be deleted and kept.

NOTE: To save up space on your phone, chose the lite version of an app. This is how you can save the internet and storage space on your phone.

3. Pay attention to space consumption taken by imessages:

Back when the internet wasn’t as fast as it is now and when there were no ways of text communication, people used to exchange messages. And to our surprise, there will always be some texts and conversations which are not of any use now but are safe in the archive folder.

Apart from intentionally kept texts, there is a log of texts which is kept by Apple’s software due to its default nature. To delete the default messages, follow the flow:

Open Settings > Go to Messages > Click on Message History > Tap on Keep Messages > Select the time frame; 30 days, one year, or more.

The old messages will disappear, and you will have space to install something viable.

4. Get the help of Apple music to save storage space:

This will cut down the headache of deleting old and listened to songs and downloading the new ones. This is a paid service and worth every penny charged in exchange.

The rates differ for students and other individuals and also facilitate the family plan with up to six users.

You can also share this with your friends and save up the bill.












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