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What will be your reaction if I told you there is a whole world of Gmail which is yet to be discovered by many of us?

You will be surprised, right?

Well, be it then because Gmail is much more than we have seen till yet. The renowned mail service provided by Google is a gem for everyone who uses it for some of the other purposes. Some of the most popular services used by the most of the people around the world are, exchanging of emails, chats (on hangout), etc.; But what are the extra perks that have not been discovered yet? Without wasting time, let’s hop on to Gmail’s hidden talent:

1. Save the valuable space :

Such people do not bother themselves with the burden of opening and checking each mail sent on their mail address. These are the same fellows who panic when the number of received emails keeps increasing, and they do not have time to delete each and every mail.

In such scenarios, the shortcut comes handy.

What one can actually do is search, and delete.

  • Here you can search the emails by typing the person’s name in the search bar, and Gmail will show you the results accordingly. Later you can choose among the mails shown as a result and delete the unnecessary emails.

2. Undo sent process :

The undo option was introduced in 2015; hence it is considered that most people are already aware of it, but if you are among the ones who did not know it then follow the procedure given below:

  • Click on the settings at the upper right corner of the Gmail account.

Settings > “drop-down menu” > “enable undo send” > “send cancellation period ( of either 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds )”

Now you are all set to be able to use the undo option.

The option will be available for a few seconds after the mail has been sent.

3. Search attachment :

The search bar will come to your rescue for more times than you have thought. Hence, when you are searching for a particular category of mail, then you can simply type the category in the search box, and matching results will be displayed in front of you.

For example, if you are searching for the mail address with some attachment, then simply type “ has: attachment.” This process will pull up all the emails with attachments, and you can look into the one you are interested in.

4. Arrange the inbox :

Many of us are too busy to go through each mail. Hence we choose to read the subject, and if it is necessary and worth replying then we proceed with the best action in favor, but if the mail is not important, then we choose to leave it the way it was sent.

This causes piles of unread and unwanted emails in the inbox. The best way to escape this juggled up the situation, one can either categorize or label the emails.

a. Label :

Labels are a form of the tag which helps you to know which among the thousands of emails is important or worth your attention. The best part about the label is that you can add as many labels as you wish to. To choose or create a new label, open an email and click the label tab which is present beside “more” option, which is present above the message.

Label in gmail- Worknrby

Once you have selected the label, it will be displayed beside the email subject. And when you click on the label, all the messages with the same label will be displayed.

For making things easier, you can customize the label by adding color to it.

b. Category :

If you find the labeling process complex and difficult to follow, then this will come to your ease. Through the category option, you can divide the emails into 2 options; Social or Promotion.

Through this functionality, every mail sent to you will not be shown, and the pile will not add up frequently.

To make it come into action, follow the procedure :

Settings > Inbox > Select “default” inbox type > choose among the categories

This condition will work only when the total number of emails in your inbox is less than 250,000.

5. Save time:

We can have money in abundance but not time. Time cannot be bought or claimed. We have to utilize the limited period thrown our way. And nobody wants to utilize the limited and precious time in performing the silliest task that could have been done within a few seconds, only if one used their brain. So save yourself from wasting time by gripping these 3 foremost tricks :

a. Mass mailing:

Thanks to Mail Merge for Gmail which has provided we the facilities of sending personalized emails to a group of recipients in one go.

Image result for Mail Merge for Gmail

Download the add-on. Once you have downloaded it, then create a spreadsheet in Google drive, after that click on Add-ons > Mail Merge and Scheduler > Create Merge Template to make the spreadsheet merge-able. To add people or recipients either put the info manually or import the details from Google contacts.

b. Schedule the emails:

This is the 2nd function of Mail Merge. Moreover, this particular function is built-in Mail merge. This is used as a scheduler and will help you to send the emails in the future.

schedule emails- Worknrby

Boomerang for Gmail helps one in scheduling the emails that need to be sent out in future and comes as a perk because it helps to kick start the day without letting you spend hours in figuring out the important tasks to be achieved.

To get the optimum benefit, set the reminders to follow up on messages.

c. Shortcuts will do wonders :

In order to perform better, learn the shortcuts mentioned below:-

1. Previous message in an open conversation: P

2. Next message in the open conversation: N

3. To add CC : ctrl + shift + c

4. To add bcc : ctrl + shift + b

5. Focus main window: Shift + Esc

6. Focus the latest chat or compose: Esc

7. Advance to the next chat or compose: ctrl + .

8. Advance to the previous chat or compose: ctrl + ,

9. Send : ctrl + enter

10. Access custom from : ctrl + shift + f

11. Insert a link: ctrl + k

12. Open spelling suggestion: ctrl + m



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