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We have been taught to get prepared for the most awaited interview of our life and everyone has same advice “practice it, keep practicing it” and we all know how great results can be derived out of practice (if you know what I mean).

Hence a real encounter can help you nail an interview of your dreams. To know further, follow these 5 reasons for why you should interview a job you do not need:

1. Practice makes a man perfect:

Experience does not hurt anybody. So, if you keep going for the interview when you do not need the job, it builds confidence in you because there is nothing to lose or gain. This way you can understand yourself better and can also know what type of questions can be asked during the interview. Knowing what could be asked helps you prepare for better.

2. Helps in expanding network:

If you love to meet new people and can easily get into a conversation with a stranger then you should try this while giving your interview. Give an interview a personal touch by asking about the interviewee’s health and day. Try to be a good listener and maintain eye contact while talking to them. At the end do not forget to take their number or mail address and stay in touch with them in a professional way.

3. Odds may work for you:

You are not enthusiast about the job but going for the interview might change your mind and you may be willing to perform the work. Hence go for the interview, you never know this may turn out to be a life-changing decision.

4. Might turn into a new opportunity:

Suppose you wanted to give an interview for exploiting the experience and come to know they have other job offerings and among these, one job is of your interest. You can easily pitch them to give you an opportunity to work for them as this job is one of your expertise. Make the most of such situations by offering freelancing work.

5. Polishes your personality:

The interview starts at the moment you decide what to wear. It is important for you to dress tidy and show up on time. Going often for interviews can lead to more and more practice of dressing and punctuality.


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