Whatsapp has been a boon ever since it came into existence and over this period of time, the advancements implied by the Whatsapp team are commendable.

Whatsapp’s features are vital reasons for its increasing popularity among people. Some of such features are video status, gifs, voice notes, picture status, etc.;

But among all these features, there is one such feature that is used daily for more than the total number of people following the Instagram page of Instagram. It is recorded that the total number of people who use WhatsApp status daily is around 500million. Surprised? Well, the feature is praiseworthy, and people are addicted to using it daily.

And sometimes a certain status update is memories and moments that are too precious to let go. Hence generally, people screenshot the picture but what about the video?

Though WhatsApp doesn’t provide away, there is a trick to save status pictures and videos. Furthermore, follow these steps to download the status of your android smartphone:

1. Open Whatsapp > Play the video or photo you want to download
Now, come close the Whatsapp

2. Go to phone’s file manager > Device Storage
Note: Device storage may vary from phone to phone and in your phone or might have another name. Hence, open the folder where Whatsapp documents and pictures are saved.

3. Whatsapp > status file
If your phone is not showing status file then click on the options button present on the top left side of the folder

4. Click on the status you want to save > play it

5. Click on cut or copy > paste it in videos folder
That’s it.

Note: This is an Android hack.

That is all. Your work is done.

Good job!

If you know some other ways, then send it to us via mail. Our mail address is support@worknrby.com


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