5 tech interview questions to know if this is your dream company- (1)

What do you usually do once the interviewer is done asking you all the possible questions?

Wait for them to ask you that one last question; “Do you have any question?”

While shy ones will ignore the opportunity and say no, the other or let’s say, smart ones will not let go off this. But they are soon struck with “what should I ask?” Because honestly, there are so many things that one should know about the company. And how do you ask questions without giving the interviewer a hint of insecurity?

Your curiosity might turn out to be a favor, so you should not hesitate. If there are questions like tech productivity of the company or what is the tech growth graph Just Ask It. Asking questions may help you as a candidate (by giving an insight into your future interviews).

In case nothing comes to your mind or you are confused about how to proceed, follow up these 5 questions to determine the potential in the company:

1. How does your team overcome obstacles?

Asking this question will tell you about the mindset of people working in the firm. The way a person or team handles problems defines their mental. Does this also provide an idea of their character: are they friendly or rude or have a nature to blame each other?

Some teams practice Experiment and fail fast culture which means they are a firm believer of whether the idea has a value or you can see some teams working on analytical derivations which means they believe in the detailed plan before taking action.

Know if they celebrate mistakes and experiments too?

2. Why is the post vacant and what are the increased responsibilities for this job?

Knowing the reason why the person left the office is important. With this question, you will unlock answers to many questions and have a chance to look at the company from close.

If you are clear about the responsibilities expected of you then it will be easier for you to settle in the office.

Also, ask for how long did the last person work on this post? Through this, you can know whether the people working here friendly or not.

3. Other than technical capabilities, what are the soft skills expected of this role?

The manager saw you as a fit tech candidate which is why he called you up for the interview. So instead of focusing on questions related to the job, you should target questions related to expected behavior.

There have been cases where the last employee was rude or a mess of emotions or dress sense because of which he had to be fired. So, ask up and see if there is an extra responsibility attached. In case this extra responsibility is something you cannot meet then inform the management before joining them.

4. Does your company work on a project based on the latest technology?

Working with a company that proceeds in the latest technology can benefit you. But some companies are stuck in ancient old technology to make apps and websites.

Employing yourself under companies stuck on old technologies will not only debar your experience but also push at the last number.

In case the company is working in favor of the latest tech then make sure the technology they deal with is the one you are crazy about or at least have relevant knowledge.

5. Why are people working here?

While most people have ignored this question but (surprisingly) this has proven to be the vital factor in the determination of your future in a company.

Through this, you will get an insight into how success and failures are dealt with. It also gives a clear picture of what is the standard of employees working currently.

Apart from success and money what is the mutual factor which has kept them intact with each other?

Has the company been paying attention to the health of the employee? Is hierarchy supportive? All the questions buzzing up in your mind will be answered if you ask the 5th question.


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