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It takes less than 30 seconds for many recruiters to frame a decision on your resume and put it in the YES or NO list. To land in the YES pile, your CV must clearly read “Perfect fit!” in the first glance. Only these resumes will be evaluated in detail later. So what’s that one thing that recruiters want to read in a CV. It is not one but these several things that the employer will want to see in your CV if you are looking for job

The resume is visually accessible Interview Tips- Worknrby

Your resume needs to be visually accessible and organized so that it can be skimmed in a glance. A well-organized CV will also demonstrate your excellent communication skills. A clearly laid out structure will get the resume up to the pile.

Line up your job titles in reverse chronological order along with the tenure of work and company names. Make use of white space and write short sentences and paragraphs. Bullet points will add value to the CV. Make sure you have a section with your skills in bullets.

You care about the position you are applying for

Make sure that your resume is relevant to the position they are hiring. Your titles and accomplishments should convey that you are fit for this job and closely match the job you are applying. This will give you clarity in the job interview.

You Qualify for the position

Nobody is expecting a perfect match, but make sure you have at least 75% of the asked qualifications and only then should you decide to apply. Mark them using clear bullet points in easy to read sentences. Highlight the accomplishments that speak your potential.

Attention to detail

Cross – check as many times as you can and also get it verified by friends. You don’t want it to be full of grammatical errors. The recruiter wouldn’t want to come across a stupid spelling mistake and be ‘Ughhh’ and trash your resume. Also, layout things in your resume very clearly in one font and only include information that is relevant to this particular job.

Worknrby is one place where you can build a resume for free and download it for applying to other job opportunities. These CV’s look quite professional and have everything laid out in a clear format.

Everything is organized

Make sure you list everything correctly. Avoid cutesy email addresses. Include an email that you check regularly. Avoid adding strange habits and hobbies. Make sure your social media accounts are clear of anything irrational in the past six months at least. Most recruiters will search for you to view your social presence.

If you take care of all the above points, there are high chances of you getting shortlisted for the job.

If you are looking for a new job and your job search isn’t yielding good results, this article must surely help you. Plan ahead and grab all important career opportunities.


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