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Worknrby, unlike none job portal, aims to provide the jobs nearby. As a result of which, the job alerts on Worknrby are based on the skill, experience as added in the CV and the place chosen by the job seeker.

Though there are people who seem to not utilize this feature for their benefit. Do not worry, we have initiated a unique portal just to help you all and we will always guide you on how to get the jobs via Worknrby. So to reach in-depth, here are the 5 tips one needs to write down if they want the best out of Job alerts on Worknrby:

1. Update the profile:

If you have achieved an award for the excellence in some skill or for doing the best work or for being a good leader then add it as an achievement in the CV. Similarly, if you have been promoted or given a raise in salary then do alter it in the CV.

This will work as a parameter and redirect the jobs as per your worth.

2. Highlight Expertise:

We learn a lot of skills but it’s not appropriate to admit that you have a good command all these skills.

While creating the CV, add your key skills in the description section. This will give a fair idea to the recruiter and without talking to you, he will know if you are worth his time and company or not.

Never skip mentioning the key skills.

3. Give the location a preference:

The whole point behind the existence of Worknrby is the location-based jobs and employees. If you do not mention the location then the job finding process will get difficult and the results will be the opposite of expected.

Hence, mention the location of your choice and if you have shifted to another place then do not forget to update the location preference.

4. Specify your designation:

Though your experience will speak for you it will be easy to know if you add the name of your current designation and expected designation.

Do not shy away from this step because this is a career-changing step. If you mention the post name then who knows the recruiter might be happy to have a talent like yours by the next door.

5. Accentuate the department:

In case you want to keep your designation private then you can opt for the department filter. Tell the recruiters about the different departments you have worked in and departments in which you aspire to work.

This gives a clear insight of work exposure one possesses.

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