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Getting hold of job vacancies is complex for a newcomer as well as for a veteran. Do you agree? Well, I do not. We are a part of a century where everything is one tap away and yet we think jobs hunting is complex. Follow these 5 tips mentioned below and be the first one to know about a vacant job:

  1. Focus on online networking:

Link yourself with all the social platforms that provide online job posting and stay notified about the latest jobs in the market. One advantage of going this way is that you will share a network with a lot of professionals that are here to recruit people in nearby job vacancies.

  1. Explore the industry:

Rather than sticking to a particular company, you can go deep into the industry and find companies that have job openings nearby. List up all the companies which interest you and browse their human resource managers to later connect with them so that you can know better about the company and job opportunity.

  1. Private Employment Agency:

Stay in touch with employment agencies to be the first one to know about the job openings. Be in contact with at least 5 agencies that will give more opportunity as well a choice. As jobs near to your place are more beneficial, tell them that they need to find a “vacancy near me.”

  1. Build a connection with HR:

Use social media to search the hr of different companies, connect them to your network, and tell them that you are looking for a change. Also, before leaving after an interview, make sure to take hr’s cell number, this way, you can stay in touch with them.

  1. Your offline network:

Tell your friends that you are willing to change your job and share your resume with them. Tell them to voice the words among their office mates and other friends.

The most preferred ways to stay updated about a vacant job is to link yourself with social media as it is fast and cheap.

Hope your questions have been answered.


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