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Created in 1995 and is now used on more than 3 billion devices, Java has never stopped ruling the programming world. Right from web development, web servers, and app servers, games, database connection and mobile development Java have got us covered from all the four directions. Features like; open source and windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi friendly, easy to learn, fast and powerful, familiar to C++ and C# makes Java the most consumed language when it comes to programming.

The unstoppable wonderful changes in this language are making it difficult to ignore and easing out the development process. With JAVA 14 due in 2020, we have still got a lot to cover. The Java 13 alone has 81 new features along with these stand additional changes which sum up to 91 features. To cut down the worry of Java programmers, here is the short listed features and changes which should be learned before 2019 ends:

1. Git and Github:

These have been in for quite years yet didn’t get enough attention before the last 4 years. People have been saying that Git is comparatively easy to command.

Due to which a major change has been noticed in he development line and that indicates the increased replacement of SVN and CVS projects with Git projects. The Git trend is on because of the features like:

a. Distributed work responsibility

b. Driven from Agile workflow, therefore, have a faster release cycle

c. Can clone a specific branch

Now, time to look at Github features:

a. Drag and drop gist code

b. Creation of a folder via a web interface

c. Comes with a file finder

d. Github command-line interface for better performance

e. Task Checklist

2. JAVA 12:

Talking about the importance, Java 12 scores more than Java 13 because Java 13 is a combination of small changes which were altered in Java 12. Features which make Java 12 an important change:

a. Java Virtual Machine changes: JEP 189, JEP 346, JEP 344, JEP 230

b. Language Changes:

  • Switch Expressions :

Syntax removes the need for a break statement to prevent fall-through.

Switch expressions don’t fall through anymore.

The default case is made compulsory in switch statements.

The break is used in switch statements.

c. mismatch method:

This method has been added to compare two files. This method will return the position of the first mismatch.

d. Compact Number Formatting

e. Teeing Collectors utility in Stream API:

The teeing collector has three agreements, two collectors and a bi-function.

f. Java Strings Method:

4 new methods have been introduced:





g. Raw string literals are removed from JDK 12

h. JEP 305: pattern matching for instanceof (Preview)

i. JEP 334: JVM constants API

3. Spring Framework 5.0:

This has been tagged as a major upgrade to the spring and Java Ecosystem. Features like reactive programming model, adoption of Java 8 and 9 along with improvements in unit testing make spring 5.0 important to learn. Furthermore following are the features of spring 5.0:

a. Updated JDK baseline

b. Updates in the core container

c. Improved testing

d. Enhanced library support

e. Built reactive programming model

f. Core framework revision is done

g. Library support is provided.

4. DevOps:

Talking about Java is left incomplete without discussing the increased preference for DevOps. Programmers nowadays are into DevOps and are adopting continuous integration and deployment. DevOps is vast and includes many tools and principles.

If one is an experienced Java programmer and is excellent in managing the environment, automation and improving overall structure, then that person can easily conquer DevOps Engineer.

Some Features which makes DevOps best:

a. Consume less time to develop Java Applications

b. Allows continuous delivery

c. Allows continuous integration

d. Infrastructure is managed and allocated with the help of code

5. Angular 2+ and React JS:

Angular 2+ and React JS are different types of JavaScript frameworks. Both these JavaScript have changed the pattern of web development. Java developers might come across Servlet, JSP, and jQuery from the client’s side because the client is still unaware of the significance of Angular. So, it is advised to learn these JavaScript Frameworks.

Angular 2+ features:

a. Web based architecture to increase the usage of web components.

b. Equally useful for web, mobile and desktop applications

c. Faster and promises a highly scalable framework

d. Supports hierarchical dependency

That is all.

These are the few things Java Developers should learn before 2019 is over. Therefore, take your notes and start now because it is not much time left of 2019 and end 2019 on a Java note.



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