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A routine update plays an important role in keeping the malware from eating up the website or app.

It will be in the right sense to admit that it is important WordPress because; Updated format might possess changes which you were longing for and Increases speed to upload the work.

But sometimes while updating WordPress might be exposed and be at the total mercy of malware and bugs. Hence it is important to update WordPress safely and securely. How do you carry it out? Check out the rescuers below:

1. Back up the website:

This is the process of storing up all your data somewhere safe so that it doesn’t get affected while getting updated. But if something manages to ruin the website, then you can always put the data back on the site.

The best storage is WordPress Plugins. These can be easily installed. So, install the plugin of your choice and start restoring the details, content, and themes.

2. Turn off caching:

Turn off all the caching plugins. This should be done because caching is responsible for modifying the website on the back-end of the website and impacts the performance of the website.

3. Update theme and plugins:

Holding on to an old theme or plugin is not prescribed because if they are not updated, then the website stands chances of missing out on new features and removed bugs.

Process of updating Plugin:

Go to WordPress admin > Click on “please update now” > Update Plugins


Go to WordPress admin > Click on Plugins (the sidebar menu) > A list of plugins with an update message > Click on ‘Update now’

Process of updating Theme:

Go to appearance > click on Themes (on the sidebar menu) > Click on ‘Update now’

4. Go for WordPress core update:

Follow these steps while updating the WordPress core:

Go to admin > Dashboard > Click on ’back up your database and data’

Once back up is done go to Update Now

5. Cross-check the updated version:

Check if the data is present or if there is any change in files. Malware can make any sort of change, therefore, go for a thorough check.

If come across an ill matter, then rectify it by removing it completely and then add the data from back up file.

That is all. You are all set to use updated WordPress.


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