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Photography is the way of earning the livelihood for many among us. Youngsters are attracted to this because the revolution of photography has made everyone realize that it is important to seize the moment, and it cannot get better without a camera.

Unfortunately, the budget 2019 did not bring the good news as the Finance Minister has announced the increase in the tax on electronics, including the cameras.

And it is said, “God closes a door and opens another one” but how true is it?

Well, this is 100 % true. The technology has become advanced. And this advancement is reaching every aspect of one’s life. Similarly, the advancement will come in the rescue of all the photography enthusiasts by providing better applications for editing because editing is a form of flattery in photography language.

A photograph can be edited either by existing tools on camera or by using the applications. To find out the best of iOS photograph editing apps, check out the list below :

1. Snapseed :

The application is available for free and is recommended by most of the people.

Snapseed Photo Editing App- Worknrby

This app has a wide range of editing tools like black & white, vintage, portrait, lens blur, frames, rotate, crop, sharpen, and add text.

2. VSCO :

This application is pretty popular among iPhone users because it serves all the needs of editing. This app is free, but some tools and filters come with a subscription, and it is not mandatory to buy them if you do not wish to use them.

VSCO Photo Editing App- Worknrby

Some perks of VSCO :

a. One-tap filter to get the wow look

b. Total filters available for use are 150+

c. This is a camera app, so it takes manual instructions.

3. Afterlight 2 :

You need to buy the app for $ 2.99. The advanced tools make this app expensive.

Afterlight 2 Photo Editing App- Worknrby

Example of such tools; Exposure, color, curves, blend mode, dust and light leak overlays, free filter packs by well known mobile photographers, double exposure for advanced blending, layer tool for adding text and artwork.

4. Enlight :

The app is best known for its artistic effects, which is why this is priced $3.99. Here are the unique features of this app :

Enlight Photofox Photo Editing App- Worknrby

a. Masking tool for flawless blending

b. Sketch and paint effects

c. Text, frames, and borders

d. Clone tool. This helps in removing unwanted photo montages

e. Filters, two-tone gradients, and vignettes

f. Perspective edit option

5. TouchRetouch :

This app comes handy when you want to remove unwanted objects and blemishes from your picture. The cost of this app is $1.99. Popularly used for ;

TouchRetouch Photo Editing App- Worknrby

a. Quick removal of unnecessary objects by cleaner composition

b. Brush and lasso are provided for precise object selection.

c. Smoothes out the wrinkled in portrait photos.

d. Replace the empty space in the background by duplicate objects provided by the clone tool.

6. Adobe Lightroom CC :

This is popular for its fine-tuning and color exposure editing. The app is free to use. The unique features of this app are:

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App - Worknrby

a. Effective set of tools within a user interface

b. Curves and color mix

c. Selective and perspective edit

d. Adobe Creative Cloud syncs your edits between iPhone, iPad, computer, and web.

e. Quick edits


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