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If things are great with your agency, you can skip reading ahead and read this blog on why you should hire Physically challenged people in your company

But if things aren’t going as they should, you should consider hiring a freelancer this time. These are the top X reasons why you should hire a freelancer and ditch your agency right away:

Freelancers are cheap

Here’s a biggy for you to consider. Most freelancers work from home or are a small team who work in a rented small office. Freelancers are often cheaper than their agency counterparts. Moreover, you pay them only for the work you approve.


Agencies have fixed work timings and often fail to deliver when deadlines are tight. On the other hand, freelancers will push their limits and timings to deliver the service. When your deadlines are tight and achieving the target is inevitable, consider getting a freelancer to do the work. Their working hours are flexible and they get things done when most would say no.

Hire for one project

Freelancers work on project basis. This ensures that you get the best quality of work since they want to get rehired. Another important thing is that your project is not one of the other hundreds of projects that a typical agency would be running. This keeps the quality and dedication of the freelancer in check.


If you are already working with an agency, you might have come across the problem of indirect communication. You miss the opportunity to have a conversation with the person who is doing your job. Communication alone can be the deciding factor between a good and great result.

Pay for what you need

You can hire freelancers with specific expertise. This ensures quality which they are able to deliver because of their experience in respective roles.

Freelancers want your project to do good more than you do

Freelancers survive on the quality of work they deliver and the repeat work they get from it. They want your project to do well, and do their part in making it great, with their sincere efforts.

What is your opinion on freelancers? Are they any good or do you feel otherwise? Help us review this article with your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.



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