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Working is a necessity because it brings in the money which helps us in living at the beginning and surviving at the end of each month. And all those who say they work because working is their passion needs to visit a psychiatrist immediately. Because honestly, nobody loves to be settled in a chair for a continuous shift of 6-7 hours in order to achieve the growth and business on the behalf of the company.

But as we all are aware; there is no chance of survival without putting oneself through obstacles. As a result, one has to go through the 9 am to 7 pm shifts despite the problems it brings in. Unfortunately there comes a time when one has to stop and look at the damage they have done to their selves by not listening to the health, family or their soul.

To understand the damages better, here are the adverse effects of 9 am to 7 pm shift:

1. Increased idleness :

Once the employees become habitual to increased working hours then they decide to work as per their mood. Because they know, no matter how fast and the appropriate result is given by them, at the end of the day, the manager is going to find out mistakes and ask them to rectify the issues wherever possible.

Hence to save themselves from the pain of doing the extra effort, they choose to not perform in the first place. By doing this, they add up their idleness and affect the willingness to achieve in a negative way.

2. Communication distance between the employee and the manager :

If you are asked to work for 9 am to 7 pm for one year without any compliments or flattery or bonuses then I am sure you will leave that job as it is. But the same is not the case with everyone. Some of us have to keep up with rigid bosses and their ungrateful behavior just so that they can earn something worth surviving.

Such behavior from the manager gives birth to negligence. As a result of which after some time, employees become reluctant to manager’s instructions and instead of sorting out the issues, they choose to go on with the problems.

3. Increased absence :

Nobody likes to work for 10 hours. If the company gives 2 days leave in one month then employees are more likely to utilize it within the same month itself.

Studies show a human body needs rest of least 8 hours in a day. Which means the person is only left with 16 hours. Out of which, 10 hours are utilized for the office work and the remaining 6 hours are never sufficient to meet the needs of daily life.

Hence to catch up life, the employees choose to take up the monthly leaves and utilize them for working out the tasks which were left behind while catching up with the office shift.

4. Steep fall in the productivity graph :

The natural fall in the productivity of an employee can be recorded when he is asked to work 50 hours a week. It is not the body but the mind, which is tired of staying awake at odd hours just to complete the assignment for the company meeting which stands 100 % chances of getting postponed to the coming month.

Or maybe the employees are asked to multitask. Sometimes the person is asked to perform the tasks which are not even concerned with his expertise. This wastes one’s time and leaves the brain drenched. As a result of which the person underperforms.

5. Fall in competitive spirit :

Who is interested in competing when they are merely surviving through the 50+ working hours worth of week? The lost competition spirit is, indicates that neither of companies is making their employees happy and satisfied.

This also implies that managers need to look in and be concerned with their fellows’ problems.

6. The rise in health issues :

Due to the scarcity of rest, the mind, as well as the body, goes through many problems which mean, both fail to work in a momentum. This leads to failures and health issues.

Nowadays it is difficult to fight the disease due to the insufficient time to rest. Everyone is at the loss of time and this becomes worse when they start losing the health too.

Hence, resting and following a proper schedule for calories intake is necessary.

7. No time for self :

The main cause of all the problems mentioned above is this one and soul problem.

Due to tight shifts at the office, the person is bound to follow the office and the home route. Nothing else comes in between because by the time weekend arises, the person is left with no energy to meet up with his people or even task out his own necessities. This gives rises to complaints from family and friends.



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