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We have been taught to learn and give exams and be dependent upon the results to know if we qualify to be a part of society or not. But did you know the wealthiest man on this planet is a college dropout and did not let the degree decide his success? It is true that examinations are important to test your mental ability but how does it determine your willpower to achieve the highest peak. To further enlighten you, here 7 job opportunities that do not require a degree from IIT:

1. Web Designer:

A web designer does not need to hold a specific degree to become one. All you need to have is a creative mind, internet exploiting skills and should definitely know how to use the different tools available for working. The job is high paying and is mostly required in every department of industries.

2. Data Scientist:

There is a high demand for data scientist all over the world. The job needs your passion and dedication. Maximum job opportunities in Jaipur are looking for people with defined experience in this field. As it is a unique type of job, therefore it pays high and good too.

3. Marketing Manager:

One may have money and ideas to start a business but he will have to hire a marketing head to guide him through the marketing process for the success of a business. If you lack in marketing, your money or excellence of your idea cannot save you from being in the loss.

4. Business Analyst:

A project manager is playing a vital role in the upliftment of the IT market. A business analyst or a project manager is a great source of diverting the international business to the home country. This job is unique in its own way which makes it high paying job.

5. Software Developer:

So what if you did not qualify to get an admission in an elite college like IIT? Do not let the failures hold you from following your passion. If you love coding from the bottom of your heart then despite not being able to get into an IIT, you should learn the skills and become the developer in the field of your choice. As the world is going software, make use of the opportunity and do not suppress your will power to become a software developer.

6. Search Engine Optimizer:

Many non-graduated SEOs are helping industries to appear on the Google top results. The job does not require to be a software junkie, you can use your sharp mind to get hold of techniques that can boost up the result appearance in google searches. There is a vast employment opportunity in this field as the person is not restricted to be a SEO but also has skills and knowledge that of a SMO.

7. Network Administrator:

None of the above jobs are possible if there is a communication barrier between the client and professionals. And to keep it smooth and flowing, network administrators come in play. This is among the best jobs for fresher.

Hope now you have understood the importance of your mindset, attitude, and approach towards life. All the jobs mentioned above can be done by anyone but knowledge is required to be fit to perform the jobs smoothly, therefore, you can get yourself into diploma programs that will educate you about the job and set you up in companies hiring for the same posts.


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