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Choosing a career is an important and difficult process because it plays a vital role in shaping you as a human. Right and most suitable career can lead to success and achievement of goals in terms of both; respect and money. Whereas a wrong step can lead to inevitable consequences like health issues, wastage of time, etc.

So, the question arises; “how do you find the most beneficial profession amongst the availability of wide range in employment today?”

Well, the answer to this question can be found in the 7 questions mentioned below:

1. What stimulates my brain?

The work which interests you can turn out to be a successful career. Does not matter if the level of your hobby is high in demand or low in demand, if you are good at it you are expected to do excellent in the future. To understand if you can pursue your hobby as a career, answer these questions:

  • What is my source of encouragement; humans, animals or books?
  • Where is my utmost productivity; indoor or outdoor?
  • Can I benefit society with the help of my hobbies?

2. Can I work under someone or am I more likely to be my own boss?

It is important for you to know if you are good with taking orders and following a defined and set way of getting the work done. In case you are not comfortable working under a person and hates a fixed set of hours for the work purpose, then you are more likely to have qualities of a boss. You can become your own guru and construct your way towards success where nobody will ask you to follow a time limit.

It is said, people who are born with qualities as of a boss, have chances to succeed in business and work of their choice.

3. What are my professional goals for this year?

Everyone makes New Year resolutions, be it in respect of personal life or professional life. In a grown-up adult’s life, personal and professional life are in correspondence with each other.

Hence to deal with the problems between these two, we decide to come up with goals like financial security, work-life balance, family time, investment strategy, side hustle etc; If one is clear in regard to the list of goals he/she has to achieve then it becomes easy to find a suitable occupation.

4. Is my education enough? Or Do I need to consider studying more for the profession I want to pursue?

There are several professions which require more education and knowledge, in comparison to others. For example, if you aspire to be a Mechanical Engineer then it will take maximum 4 years of studies whereas if you want to become a doctor then be ready to study for least time of 10 years because the profession demands a person to be an expert and expertise in medicine comes with time.

If your education is enough to get a job of your choice then go for it but if it is another way around then you should finish the studies first.

5. What is the job availability graph in the career of my choice?

Where will you apply if there is no vacancy? To save yourself from such a situation, it is better to go through the data of available jobs in the preferred occupation. Another way to know if there are jobs in the field of your interest, you can connect with your friends and ask if they have heard of any openings or if the market is acceptable towards such a job?

6. How much money am I willing to make?

Each occupation differs from one another in terms of responsibility and money. Although you should not focus on the amount written on your paycheck there is no denying to the fact, the higher a paycheck better the life. Such a quality life is on everyone’s list of desire.

7. Why this career?

A why will help you understand the reasons for pursuing this choice of work you have opted. If you want to succeed here, you need to evaluate your reasons. Never let someone else’s words sway you into a misconception with yourself. Understand your limits and interests in order to track towards the goals.


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