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Due to an increase in rates of required materials and items, money is becoming a primary concern. Everyone is stuck with spending far more than required. It seems to drive the person’s choice and decision which leads to unaffordable consequences like a career.

We become desperate for money and forget about happiness and mental health. After some time it starts to control you and you end up trading your peace for a basic amount of money.

Things except for money that should be your priority while looking for a job are as follows:

1. Physical health:

Does your body have to hit through pain to get a simple task done? If yes, then you need to stop right away.  Your body is clearly indicating to take some rest but if your job is too hectic to provide enough time to rest then it is better to let go of it because no money in the world could be traded for your health.

2. Mental health:

Just like physical health, mental health is equally important for you. In fact, mental health is the most important aspect to live by. Sometimes, the pressure to get the work done increases but if this has been happening a lot or if you are noticing a changed behavior in your senior or colleagues, it is in best favor of you to leave it right away.

An office environment where office politics is tricky and complicated is not good for you to prosper.

3. Company Size:

Ohh yes, company size plays an important role in deciding your contribution to the success of the company. If the company is small, consisting of less than 15 employees then it might work in your favor to grow as an individual.

It is recommended to start your career from small companies as they provide more opportunities to develop and learn.

4. CEO mentality:

To understand the concept and reason behind the company, you can know about the CEO’s mindset towards the front of the company.

Make sure, the objective is not complex and the company must not malpractice to achieve the targets. In case you come across such a company, either report about them or do not get involved in their false trade practices.

5. Working hours and schedule:

Make sure you are not tricked into working extra in the name of multitasking. Your working hours at a company must be flexible and suit you. You might come across jobs with high pay but no time schedule which means you will be spoiling your life cycle, which again is a loss which can not be repaired by money.

6. Company location:

The company location must be near you this way you can save time to travel and will be more likely to reach on time. Know the best suitable company near you by using Worknrby Application. Download this application now and experience it on your own.

Settling for a company near you helps you stay productive and positive.

7. The time period of an Appraisal:

Salary is permanent but you can not stick to INR 50,000 for the rest of the time at the office. You need to know the time length of appraisals as it will help you to become a more effective and efficient employee.

Money can not buy happiness. If it is getting difficult to continue your job then you can try communicating your issues with your seniors. Make them understand the daily struggle to get things done. Your office becomes a better place only if you try to become better but if even after trying your best, things are not changing for better then it is in best respect to finding yourself another office.


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