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In an era of technology, it is not a surprise to find ourselves bounded to our smartphones and other smart gadgets because they keep our data. Out of all the things, smartphones are something which we cannot lose.

The dependency on these smartphones is increasing due to a continuous revolution in the market. Bank applications or websites, food apps, shopping apps, etc; each app has details of your bank account and probably works on GPS mode of tracking your address for delivery purpose. The GPS makes you vulnerable because some people are present on the back end to fool you and grab your money or bank details.

Earlier this could be only done through Wi-Fi but now, GPS has made it possible to do it within a few seconds. Here are the apps, you should have on your smartphone if your life revolves around it:

1. Password Manager App:

Such application enables you to keep all the passwords and password related detail in one app. These apps are password protected and made especially to protect the crucial passwords for you.

Though these apps have been a success some fellows say, it did not work for them. The reason behind this could be a weak password. Here are some tips on how to set up a strong password:

a. Just use special characters or numbers

b. Keep changing the password

c. Do not use one password for all the accounts

d. Avoid keeping an obvious password like birthdates or names

2. Switch to VPN on public Wi-Fi:

The virtual private network will protect you from getting connected with the ill networks on public Wi-Fi. This will protect the data from getting snooped by the people present on the public internet medium.

Apple and Google provide several free VPN which have been proven to protect the data. But there are certain VPNs which are not safe to use, so you got to watch yourself out on this concern.

To understand it better, go through the article where we have listed the best VPNs.

3. Pay attention to app permissions:

While accessing a document, file or link, the app might throw a permission box. This happens mostly while adding the bank details on a shopping app, food app or setting up an account on an app. A way to prevent such problems is to read all the details in the pop-up. Do not sign in or add details if it is expanding your privacy matter.

Ways to avoid the use of such apps:

a. Enable the data which fits the requirement of the app and watch out for irrelevant permission.

b. Keep your location off; GPS shouldn’t be on when not needed: Through this, the person might get a clear image of your day.

c. Watch out for viruses and other problems.

4. Download apps from authorized app stores like Apple and Google:

Apps present on these platforms meet the requirements and fit the security standards. Always prefer applications available on these platforms.

Even if you decide to download an app from some other platform then make sure that you have checked the security and other factors.

The app is the easiest way to get in your network and people around the world are too unemployed to put you in their shoes by swiping away your money or by simply selling off your private data.

There have been incidents where people were present on live webcam and were being watched by least thousands. This happened because neither of these people knew the app they have downloaded has a live camera and their every move is being sold off in another part of the world.

5. Cross-check the app provider:

People have become advanced enough to even fool trusted platforms like Google or Apple. This is why one should download an app which is produced by a trusted provider.

One should ignore engaging with the app which is produced by only one developer or either among the group of developers has been a producer of the shady app.

6. Find my device (by Google):

Find my device is a Google powered app which used to be known as Android Device Manager. The app helps in tracking the location of one’s cell phone. This app can play sounds for making the finding process easier. Some of its functions are:

a. Guarantees safety against the exploitation of your data by erasing the data present in your device.

b. Lock the phone no matter where it is.

c. Plays sound to find the phone easily.

If you work at a place where you stand maximum chances of getting stolen then you can go for this Google powered and free to use the app.

7. Resilio Sync:

Resilio sync provides you with an opportunity to create your cloud storage. This app turns the regular computer into cloud storage.

The functions resemble that of Google Drive and Dropbox. But this comes handy for more sensitive data. Also, this is not online cloud storage so it can be trusted. The app is easy to get along and free to utilize. It will be better to go for this rather than any online cloud storage.


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