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Today most of the work is being done via mobile phones. While performing the tasks via smartphones, we invite much malware to interrupt our system and break the integral functioning either in way of sucking up the batteries or hindering the access to particular or few apps. Although this does not happen every time we log in to some app. But there are certain apps in particular which creates situation alike.

One of the most popular ways to fight this malware is Antivirus. Overtime Antivirus has become an important part of our technical systems be it laptops or mobile phones. Because these help the gadget to stay immune to negative impact followed by internet access on the device (mainly).

And it is no secret that none among the Antivirus present in the market provides 100% resistance against malware. But as it is said, “Where there is will, there is a way” therefore presenting the 9 alternatives to Antivirus which will increase your smartphones life expectancy:

1. Do not visit suspicious Website:

Certain websites on the internet are harmful to access because these have a continuous link which keeps proceeding once you click on the link of the website. Such links are noticed to be harmful to the operating system hence any such website or advertisement on a website should be ignored.

2. Be aware of what you are getting yourself into:

Each app has its terms and conditions and these should not be signed without reading thoroughly.

In case you ignore it and the app turns out to be a disaster for your smartphone then unfortunately but evidently, you will not be able to report the ill effects of the app.

3. Do not forget to update your operating system:

Update your smartphone as soon as a new version of the operating system is available in the market. This will increase the immunity of the cell against malware.

This is an easy and worth performing way to increase the life of your smart cell.

4. Avoid going through dubious mails:

Your mail address is the only thing which is accessed by a large number of people. This increases the chances of receiving ill mails which are sent to you for the purpose of fraud. Such emails come with an attached link and one should always know that this is mare of a trick to frame them.

5. A proper Log out never hurts:

Staying logged in is safe but if we talk about proper security then it might not be that safe.

Here many of you will not agree because they have never faced any problem while their social media or other accounts were logged in. You might not have faced any trouble in your operating system but it might have caused you troubles in life.

If you stay logged in, then your accounts stand a chance of being accessed by anyone who has asked for your phone. Now you will say, “I do not give my phone to anyone. If anyone needs help, I do it myself” But what happens when you are asleep or too busy to notice your cell? Well, security locks are not big of a deal until it is your face as password!

6. Avoid connecting to unlocked wifi:

Free wifi is the easiest way to trap anyone. After all who would not like a free service?

But one should not fall for these tricks as they are way more harmful than you can think of.

In such cases, a hacker or cyber-criminal throws a net named free wifi and wait for us to connect. Once you have connected and start using it, the person will have access to what to your browsing. He has the power to change your browsing results.

This is way too dangerous to give a shot.

7. Switch on the Google play protect:

Play protect is the means of security offered by the Google play store. This will help you in keeping your smartphone safe by scanning the apps you chose to download.

If this is new to you then check out the steps below to activate it:

Setting > Security > Play Protect > Click on “on”

8. Create a strong password:

Some people chose to use their emotions as a password. For example: if I love someone, I will be inclined towards setting their name as my password, either for a social media account or for cell phone. But it should not go this way.

If you really want to protect your information then set up a password which is beyond anybody’s imagination. Because this is the right sense will justify the usage of a password.

9. Using a VPN will never go off charts:

Use a VPN or Virtual Private Network while browsing via wifi. Many of us are aware of this trick because it has been popular since the wifi set itself in our country.

But in case you don’t know then understand this prevents other devices to enter your network.



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