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From “Chemistry is the study of matter but I see it as the study of change” to “We are done when I say we are done” Or “I am the one who knocks.” We saw a chemistry teacher turn into a badass millionaire drug king.

From being an ordinary man with a happy attitude to a powerful person who could buy anything, Mr. White had his own share of miserable days, weeks, months and years. Let’s see how we can draw inspiration from Mr. White’s character. Here are 9 career lessons we learned from Breaking Bad’s Walter White:

1. Do not be afraid to adopt a career change:

One year in IT services but you have started to feel more and more inclined towards marketing management services but are not sure if you can do it. Take my advice, “Go for it.”

Since you are working in IT services it will be easier for you to join it again if you fail at marketing jobs. Give everything a try. Expand your limits.

2. Do not settle for less:

Never compromise with the money for your quality services. Know your worth and work with a suitable partner who will know your worth too.

3. Be picky when it comes to a business partner:

Being picky while searching for a suitable partner might look like wastage of time and energy but is without a doubt, very important if you do not want to fail and are looking for someone as passionate as you.

4. Do not let others fool you:

Nobody is in the right authority to tell you what is good for you and what is not. You know yourself better than anyone; hence never let others’ opinion cloud your ability to accomplish the desired tasks.

5. Make your rules:

Set your boundary and work hard on it. Working as per your ethics helps you to achieve heights. This may come with consequences but you need to stay firm.

6. Stay firm on your decisions:

If you want to be successful then you better know Mr. Walter White succeeded because of his epic determination of sticking to one reason and that was “money”. Many hardships were thrown his way but he did not give up and continued to do it till he felt retired or till he was forced to get retired.

7. Be an indispensable employee:

What if your boss wakes up one day and decides he does not need you anymore? Well to save yourself from that situation, you need to make sure you have the right type of quality that your boss will always need. Be it your punctuality or creativity, you must possess a quality that will help you stand out of the crowd.

8. Emphasize on your reputation:

If you are a lazy worker then people will underestimate you, abuse you, use you for their interest but if you are an active, creative and a clever worker then you might stand with reputation and can also have a chance of pay raise.

Mr. White or if I may say, Heisenberg as a ruthless drug king made such a reputation that either people wanted to work with him or wanted to stay away from him and we all know, both scenarios worked in his favor.

9. You might get your hands dirty:

There are so many things that need to be taken care of because if not, they can turn your world upside down. So, in order to make sure things are done the right way and secretly, you might have to get your own hands dirty.


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