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Google AdSense can be found everywhere, be it a dictionary, different kinds of tutorial websites or eHow websites. Yet a small number of publishers take the extra step and make the most of AdSense on their account.

Google AdSense is best for monetizing a WordPress website. The process is easy and helps in the generation of traffic which leads to the creation of income along with easy profit. Though AdSense is not difficult it is quite challenging for the beginners. These 9 AdSense tricks will help one secure the ads which go hand in hand with the content on his website and help him earn extra pennies for the indulging in hard work:

1. Selection of colors:

AdSense earnings are highly dependent upon the color schemes. As a result of which, it is recommended to use the color scheme which goes best with the website design and looks. In case the color scheme does not contrast with the website design then visitors may avoid opening the links or Images; by choosing a different color, you have given the visible hint of advertisement.

Keep experimenting till you get hold of a color combination that brings the most revenue.

2. Add Advertisements in your content:

High quality and relevant content is the key to earn more money via AdSense. High-quality content attracts more and more readers, and placement of Advertisements in such a scenario can help you earn the extra penny.

In case your website is not popular and content is relevant and most searched topic on the internet then also, one can use this trick of attaching the advertisement and make a profit by this way of encouraging clicks on it.

3. Pay attention to Ad layout:

Ad layout has more ways of optimizing than just switching off ad positions. One way is to run A/B tests with the help of an experiment feature. The test includes color, keyword, layout, ad unit size, and position of advertisement.

This is an important trick that leads to maximum earnings.

4. Section targeting:

Section targeting tells which areas of one’s website content should be explored and this is the same content that determines ad placements based on relevance.

Section targeting disables the irrelevant advertisements and displays ads relevant to the content on the website or the content which interests the audience.

5. Periodic checkup on blocked and unblocked categories:

There are categories that have high CPCs and CTRs, but combining all the categories is not a victory move because it increases the level of competition which is going to stay as it is for a long time.

Google pre-selects the safe categories but you can block the unwanted categories by simply selecting the ones with a lot of impressions and lower revenue yield. This should be temporary and for a short period of time; keep rechecking the selected and blocked categories, as after a period of time you might need to unblock some from the blocked ones and block some from active ones. This should be practiced especially at the time when an increase in fill rate is required.

Through this technique, the website will attract lower competition and lead to a positive effect on the quality of advertisements. All this will result in a positive influence on your Ad RPM.

6. Optimize the data:

A/B testing is not the only way to enhance the quality of content. It is seen that using objective data session length is helpful because heat maps and alike things are quite a waste of time and efficiency.

They show you where visitors’ acknowledgment is drawn as soon as they land on your website. This data doesn’t account for mobile.

7. Use Custom Channels:

If the website has content sections and categories then using custom channels is the most efficient way of increasing the relevance of AdSense ads and boosting the views on the website.

They can also be used for evaluation of different content sections or ad units, permitting you to identify the content, ads’ positions and other factors that are responsible for good returns.

8. Pay attention to Ad unit size:

It doesn’t matter if your blog or website is not generating heavy traffic, you can always choose to make the ads perform better by visible to the number of viewers engaging in your content.

One way to increase the clicks on AdSense ads is by simply increasing the ad unit sizes. This highlights the presence of the ads, making it difficult for people to ignore it.

It is recommended to use as many ads on each page as your page layout lets you.

9. Self-generated and fresh content:

One way to attract more and more visitors is by providing unique and quality content. If the content available on your page is not helpful in any sense then it is likely to not attract the audience.

Tip to get more visits is by, publishing appropriate and unique content. Keep publishing new blogs or static content pages. One can also distribute and promote their content across all the social media platforms and target a larger amount of viewers.


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