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If you have had a helpful manager or an uncooperative manager at work, you know it better than anybody how easy is it to work with a supportive boss.

An employee is expected to reach on a new level if the manager is encouraging. And it is said, an employees’ growth is a derivation of the company’s development in all the directions. But what happens when the person you are working for has been selfish and rude to you?

To understand the importance of a cheering superior, here is the list of results one is expected to face if their manager is not cheerful or supportive:

1. Continuous Mental Stress:

If a person is constantly being mocked for not being able to deliver quality work then they are likely to fall into depression and go through a stressful living. Instead of mocking, the manager should try to converse with the person and listen to the problems he/she is having in regard to work.

2. Increased Absence:

Nobody likes to work for a person who does not appreciate their qualities and punctuality. After a certain period of time, the person becomes negative and often prefers to stay away from the office by opting for leaves even if they are paid. A positive environment is necessary for growth purpose.

3. Absence of Loyalty:

The loyalty of an employee will fade towards the organization that does not justice with the salary in return of top quality work.

The employees work hard to make living in comparison with their boss or CEO’s, making it important to provide the salary they deserve.

4. Health Problems:

If one is requested to sit for 9 hours for 6 days a week, there is a possibility of catching up with diseases. In some cases even after the shift of 9 hours, employees are asked to work extra from home. The sad part about this is they do not get paid extra but are exploited beyond limits.

5. A downfall in productivity level:

The employees working under unhelpful managers suffer from severe stress problems. These problems control their mind in such a way, they become impatient towards life and are too busy to find their purpose than to complete the task assigned by the manager.

Make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind.

And never forget, it is your organization and your employees are working together with you to help it kiss the heights. It is your responsibility to take care of them and shower appreciation in different ways, you never know when your “Good Work” compliment can make someone’s day or maybe the week.


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