AI and automation- Keys to make jobs easier than ever before

In the world where everything is linked to technology in some way, the use of machines is increasingly complementing the human workforce. In this context, Automation and Artificial intelligence(AI) are successfully contributing to the productivity of the resources.

No doubt, people often think that machines, technology, and automation will hamper their job as it will reduce their task and will put their jobs in danger. But, hold on! Things don’t always go in pessimistic direction. Machines reduce the workload of humans and it will ultimately increase their working tendency that will impact their work positively. 

Well, it’s not always about possessing one skill, in coming years, a combination of multiple skills will be the need of the moment. And yes, we can say that the emergence of these technologies will change the entire work culture. It’s been rightly said:

With the ongoing years, job roles will no longer stick to one skill, they will, in fact, involve mastery of the combination of multiple skills.

There are a number of sectors where AI and automation have gained popularity, as these technologies cater a great potential for adding some value in our economy. Given below are the main sectors where AI and automation are majorly used:

  • Healthcare systems and services
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Travel
  • Public and social sectors
  • Media and entertainment
  • Chemicals
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive and assembly
  • Advanced electronics/semiconductors
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical products

Recent researches have revealed the technological progress that machines are putting in the businesses and augmenting the overall productivity. However, such technological developments have helped in resolving various societal challenges as well. Let’s discuss how it’s beneficial for the business world as well as the country’s economy.

Transform the nature of the work

These technologies change the work culture entirely. We all know machines possess the tendency to do far better than what humans can do in general. Yes, I agree adopting new technology at first seems very frustrating but once you become familiar with its operability and functionality, it will become your helping hand. In short, things go automated limiting the human involvement in the tasks.

Increase the number of tasks done

When you do a set of tasks, it takes some time on your part to get the work accomplished. Now suppose, you are performing that set of tasks with the help of some automated machine. Here, it makes a difference. One, your task will get completed faster than it would get entirely on your part only. Two, your working stamina will be restored for the next set of tasks. This is how automation helps in increasing the number of tasks accomplished with lesser efforts.

Enhance human work capability

In a business organization, top management delegates the authority to the middle level i.e managers. They do this so that they can concentrate on the important decisions. In the same way, when the human workforce does all the tasks themselves, they will not be able to focus on other tasks. The integration of machines and automation will make the work easy for both employees as well as management. It will positively impact the work capability of the workforce.

Root the technological establishments for upcoming generations

With the integration of AI and automation technology, not only our present generation will be benefitted, but our future generation will also reap the benefits of the same. These technologies are adding value to other sectors as well apart from the mentioned above.

Contribution to economic growth

A country’s overall growth depends on the youth’s productivity. And productivity increases when there is optimum utilization of resources. Resources are used effectively and efficiently when the technology used gives maximum output with minimum input. AI and automation boost the work tendency and performance of the firm’s resources contributing to the economic growth of employees, business unit and the nation as well.

Potential to handle several challenges

AI possesses the calibre of tackling the various problems related to material science, medical research, and climatic science as well. The application of these technologies can really help in handling problematic areas. 

In short, these technologies will make people more powerful and empower our workforce to perform more jobs. The automation will welcome more job opportunities in almost every sector. From graduates to government departments, doors for new job opportunities with new skills will emerge for the betterment of the country as well as people. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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