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Technology is different for everyone around the globe. Some consider using a smartphone is technology, some think e-watches are technology whereas some simply consider hacking a sort of technology. Hacking is the all-new level of technology which is going through a rapid revolution as earlier it was a fun activity but now it has become a job.

This is one reason people are getting better at hacking with each day passing by. These hackers have this as a possible way to earn bread and butter in exchange of information sucked up from your transactions and activities. The widely used way to fetch your personal information is hacking your Wi-Fi. This can be done in two ways; either done to use your Wifi internet purpose or they interrupt your Wi-Fi for reaching all the devices connected with it.

There is also a possibility these hackers throw bait your way by leaving their Wi-Fi open for anyone to use. When you connect your device with this Wi-Fi, the IP address of the device gets registered in the router. This works in opposite of your favor. The hacker later intercepts the traffic by using a sniffing tool. Now data is transferred in the form of packets. Once these packets are transferred, the hacker intercepts them and uses them to detect your browsing history.

As Wi-Fi hacking is easier than hacking a device through Wi-Fi trap, this becomes most used hacking trick around the world. For making this better, people have developed applications and other tools which enable hacking the less secured Wi-Fi network. Well, I am sure these ways were a known reality and you guys must have locked your system by taking up security measures. But you will be amazed to hear that there are some advanced tools which work on backtrack and have the ability to hack a Wi-Fi router with high security.

It is noticed that routers with WEP security are easy to hack. WEP is a type of encryption tool which is used to secure the wireless connection. Due to increased hacking, the routers nowadays are secured with WPA-PSK keys which are difficult to hack but some king hackers have got their way through all the secured systems. Therefore none key is reliable.

One reason that plays an important role in Wi-Fi hacking is using the default Wi-Fi password. Through this default password, hackers attain access to Wi-Fi as well as the devices connected to this Wi-Fi.

There are many ways to protect your Wi-Fi system from hacking. One such a way is; changing your Wi-Fi password frequently or by not connecting your smartphones and computers to unknown Wi-Fi. Also, do not forget to not leave your Wi-Fi open. You can also block others or unknown devices from accessing your Wi-Fi connection.

These were the common ways to save you from being trapped in malicious practices performed by hackers. What if there was a technical way to answer this technical practice?

Well, yes there is a way to prevent it. Without worrying too much, read the follow the steps below and be free:

Fing App: This app is made to secure the Wi-Fi from users end. This will keep the hackers away.

fing app - Worknrby

Go to play store > Fing App > Download

1. Keep your device connected to Wi-Fi > Open the installed app

2. There are two options on the top right of the home screen; Refresh & Settings

3. Click on Refresh; a list of all the devices connected with the Wi-Fi you are using will be displayed. The information will be clear enough to tell you if the device is a laptop, mobile, or PC.

4. Mac addresses of the devices will also be displayed along with the IP address.

5. Blocking cannot be done via this app. One needs Fingbox to be able to block a device.

6. The main purpose of this app is to display the devices connected with your Wi-Fi. You can also use it for pinging website and network.

Note: The above-mentioned tricks have been practiced on an Android smartphone.



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