Amazon knows what is cooking via Alexa interactions Follow these steps to prevent it from happening- Worknrby

Alexa is Amazon empowered virtual help, which relies upon the best data to provide accurate results. A vital part of this data comes from human interactions with Alexa or any other virtual assistants present in one’s smartphone.

About a month ago, a report was filed in Bloomberg. The report indicated that employees at Amazon are aware of all the interactions exchanged between the user and Alexa.

This came as a shock for many of us because we have a natural tendency to try weird stuff hence we had tried it, but on realizing that people working for Amazon knew this all along, all of that turned into an embarrassing episode. Amazon says, “This feature had to be added in order to improve Alexa’s human speech.”

When going further into the functions and working of Alexa, it was seen that the option to share this sort of information with Amazon was on by default. This can be changed manually in Alexa app for Android or iOS.


Follow these steps to prevent Amazon from listening to your conversation:

1. Download Amazon Alexa from your respective play store.

2. Open the app and set up your Amazon Alexa.

3. Tap on three bars at the top left corner.

4. Tap on settings > Setting menu > Tap on Alexa Account

5. Scroll down and Tap on Alexa Privacy Option.

Now you can access to Alexa voice history, manage Alexa expertise permissions. Also, you can easily manage the history of your smart home devices which are linked with Alexa.

6. Here Tap on Manage how your data improves: This is where you can decide whether to or not to permit the Alexa developers to use your voice interactions with Alexa to make your experience better.

7. Toggle the Manage how your data improves: The default setting is on, turn it off and experience Alexa without thinking twice.

In case you seem to face any problem with Alexa’s accuracy to deliver the results, then you can always activate the conversation recordings by going through the above steps.

Other Alexa Settings:

The above settings will be done for the future, but what about the previous recordings which were reviewed by Amazon?

Don’t worry and know how you can delete Alexa recordings:

1. Alexa Privacy Settings > Alexa Account Settings.

2. Tap on Review Voice History > Date Range > Select All History: You can now select a few or all the recordings.

3. For deleting all the recordings, Go to All history Options > Tap on Delete All records

4. A dialog box will appear > Click on Yes.

That is all.

Yes, it is this simple!



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