Since 2009 Android has been blessing us with the best of technology. Making it better each day, the new version of Android is all set to burn up the competitors in 2019.

The announcement regarding the official release date has been made. It is said to be public on August 06, 2019. The twist in the version of android is that unlike the tradition of adding suffix “ .0 “ ( 7.0, 8.0 ) to the number of versions.

The latest version of android is 9, and yet again without breaking the custom of naming android after a food, the android pie is all set to serve your needs.

Check out how this new version will make our lives better than before :

1. Gesture-based Navigation :

Google seems to have done the very bit of homework, which is how you are presented with this major of a major feature. Earlier android’s UI had three to four buttons for navigation, but it is made more accessible by folding all the functions into the home screen button.

Gesture-based Navigation andriod pie- Worknrby

The new home screen functionality resembles the iPhone X style. To go home, you can either tap the home button or swipe up from the bottom to open the recent screens.

This navigation feature is easy to use and understand as well as lessens down the headache to press different buttons.

2. Dashboard :

The dashboard is better than ever. We are thankful for the new dashboard as it will provide some valuable insights about how one uses their phone.

This update facilitates the user to see, how many times he has wakened up the phone, how much time he has spent on apps (with the data of individual app ) etc; With the help of these insights, a user will be able to shift his prime concern towards the apps which are genuinely useful and will end up optimizing the resources as well as the time.

3. Adaptive Brightness :

This feature is run by the machine learning techniques, which helps in adjusting the screen brightness as per the usage. The screen brightness of the cell phone can automatically adjust to the environment and actions performed by the user.

Adaptive-Brightness andriod pie- Worknrby

It is manual too. You can adjust the slider as per your wish.

4. Flexible Battery :

Yet again, an impressive feature presented by Google. This is an automatic feature which facilitates the user to save the battery of their smartphone.

It utilizes the latest AI techniques through which the OS can detect and understand the app behavior (apps which are most likely to be used in within few hours).

Flexible-Battery andriod pie- Worknrby

The information makes it easier for the OS to optimize the phone’s CPU usage, which will enhance the battery performance by up to 30 %. This can be termed as the smart way to save battery consumption.

5. Shush :

In some situations, the smartphone notifications can disturb us to the extent that we regret buying it; while sleeping or in a meeting.

Good news is that the tension has been erased and you are provided with shush feature. Now you can easily activate Do not disturb on your cell by simply flipping it with its screen down. All sorts of lights, sounds, and vibrations will be disabled except the emergency calls.

6. Rotation :

Though this feature was already present in the smartphones and is one the most widely used features. Advancement is made to ease usage.

In Android pie, if you have turned off the auto-rotation, then it will show a rotate icon whenever you will hold the smartphone in a horizontal position. To rotate the screen, you can click on the icon, but if not, then do not press anywhere because the icon will automatically disappear within a few seconds.

7. App Actions :

These are the small actions or commands that activate a certain app. As Android Pie is based on the principles of prediction, it comes with a feature which pops up the actions when the OS thinks we might need them. For instance, a pop up of music app will appear as soon as you plug in the earphones.

8. Volume and Screenshot Interface :

The last and most important features of Android Pie; volume and screenshot interface.

The new OS will come with a vertical slider on the right side of the phone, different from the horizontal feature in previous versions. On pressing the volume button, the media volume will be modified by default, instead of the ringer volume.

Volume andriod pie- Worknrby

Along this comes the advanced screenshot feature. On taking the screenshot, the OS immediately presents the options to edit, where the user can quickly crop or make changes in the picture before saving it.

Google’s Android Pie comprises of the intelligent features that utilize machine learning to promote a healthy lifestyle. Android 9 is worth a try. Currently, it is available for pixel users, and as I mentioned above, it can be accessed by the other devices by the first week of August 2019.


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