There are more than 80% of employees who cannot distinguish between a genuine and a fraud email.

Phishing is one of the most common and oldest ways to obtain confidential information via trusted sources of communication like emails, web pages, etc. It is recorded that more than 3 billion phishing attacks are sent via email each day, making phishing one of the most used ways of occupying employee details like credit/debit card number, phone number, etc.

Around 48% of the employee population says that they have had their personal information misused, and accounts were hacked, and in this is the 35% population who didn’t change to bother the email id password.

As per a survey, it was discovered that an office worker receives around 52 mails each day. Under the pressure of meeting deadlines and efficiency, employees tend to scan through them faster and this increases the chances of being captured by these ill practices. 85% of people said that they click on one mail each day and 70% said that they do the responding of email outside the work.

Phishing emails have upgraded all the way, hence until paid close attention to it, anyone can mistake it a genuine mail enquiring about the details they lost or didn’t understand. They may get a user id the same as of your boss and fool you out to fetch the confidential details about you.

Overconfident Employees stands more risk of being exploited:

Employees are seen as not paying attention to their cybersecurity. Only 92% of employees checks for a signature below the phishing email sent to them, and only 43% of people claimed that they bother verifying the email links with their respective (supposed) destination.

Ways to prevent phishing:
  1. Keep a strong and unique password.
  2. Software and system must be updated
  3. Have a backup file of important documents
  4. Pay attention to the people reaching out to you via your email address. Inquire how did they get your mail address and cross-check if the person is speaking the truth.




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