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For some people, it is relatively difficult to understand that sending an emoji in an official email is off the list and one should never do it. It is not just the emoji but writing LiKe tHiS, using abbreviations or “plz” “okz” “LOL!” are also off the list.

While our working scenarios are changing, the medium to communicate is changing too. Employees and boss, both should follow a proper and official way of communicating.

The communication you carry has got a lot to say about you. Check out these 5 etiquettes and see if you have not been following any:

1. Emojis? NO!

Most of us are habitual of using emojis during an exchange of texts- because there seems to be a precise emoji for every mood. But sending emoji in an official email or group chat is unpleasant.

You are here for work, not to express precise feelings.

Saying that you are on it with an emoji wearing spectacles is not the kind of office ethic expected from you. Use minimum to no emoji while exchanging words about work.

2. Inform about presence, leave in silence

When you are added to a group or channel, announce that you have been added or that you are present here. To inform so, simply drop your name. No need to hi each member or travel the extra mile. And while you are leaving, for example, due to lunch or end of office time for the day then inform by dropping a text like, “Lunchtime”, “Office is over”.

Do not be extra with your efforts, it’s not needed.

3. Do not use abbreviations

You are not in high school or college or chatting with your best friend. Drop using a short form of texts and if not then your boss will be forced to kick U out of the company. Because who wants an employee who cannot even execute a proper email?

If you don’t know the spellings of words then download software like Grammarly and it will autocorrect the word for you.

4. Follow format

Remember writing letters in Hindi and English? It was important to follow a format while writing them, similarly while sending an email you should write it out based on a particular format.

If not written in the right manner then it stands the chances of being misunderstood.

Therefore save yourself from being misunderstood, it may cost you your job.

5. Keep slang away

You might have a nickname for your favorite colleague but everyone doesn’t need to know that. Remember when you are added to the channel, the responsibility of maintaining sanity comes unannounced.

Don’t “LOL”,” on my way (when you are 10 minutes late to a meeting)”, “huh!” in the channel or chat. If you cannot meet a certain deadline then better inform them before they come asking for output because then a “huh!” wouldn’t rescue you.


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