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For some having a job is an opportunity, for others, it is a blessing. But looking for jobs in many areas of your country can be likened to searching for a stone in the ocean. In fact, these days, the job hunt has demoralized majority of those seeking employment.

The socio-economic problems of unemployment are enormous and may grow worse because of increased frustrations experienced by many seekers. A tougher competition is perceived for those looking for a vacant profile to use all the available resources to get one.

Leslie Nielsen rightly stated, “Doing nothing is very hard to do…you never know when you’re finished.” Are you among those who think all hope is lost? Here is some good news – you can find your dream job at home or at an office.

Have you ever wondered how it feels like filling a job application form after several weeks or months of job hunt? Regardless of how relieved you feel as an ambitious candidate, you need to grasp the fact that filling out an application form is one thing, getting a job is another. But the most important is getting one that matches your skills and preferred location.

A combination of these is quite difficult to find till now. Are you looking for a job opportunity? Or, are you frustrated with not getting jobs after a career break? Worknrby is an incredibly easy method that works for all.

Here’s Why We Are a Convenient Recruitment Service Solution:

  • Easy to Use

This free, easy-to-use online platform displays the exact types of jobs that employer need in their most preferred location.

  • Powerful Search Engine

Worknrby uses skill-set and geographical processes to create vacancies for seekers. Over the years, this feature is proved a great tool for vacancy seekers. You just need to input career criteria or keyword in the search box; the thousands of search results related to what you want’ll amaze you.

  • User-friendly Job Search Android & IOS App

Are you amongst the unlucky ones that are still looking for a job? With the job search app, online hiring assistance has been made easier and more convenient. This app is free-to-use, user-friendly and provides customized settings for anyone looking for a profile.

How It Works

Let’s say, you are looking for a new vacancy in a company nearby your area. All you have to do is:

  1. Register on Worknrby via a web or mobile app – available on Android and IOs
  2. Go through the vacancy listings nearby you.
  3. Apply on any of the profile you prefer.

Although we are not providing resume upload feature, our portal creates a short CV with user’s basic details. Thus, users can search for jobs by adding location and skills.

If you are looking for job opportunities at your convenience within your geographical area that match your skills and area of interest, then this platform is your best shot. The platform offers both employers and seekers various tools and handles to help them out with job posting and application respectively.


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