Benefits of registering on Worknrby

Worknrby is the job portal which links the employer with job seekers in the vicinity. The same reason becomes the vital cause of the existence of Worknrby.

The foremost reason behind its existence is, to connect the persona and post without charging any sort of additional cost to either.

To find out more about Worknrby, download the Worknrby app from Google Store or Apple Store, and register yourself here. To know how to register, check this link out.

Once you have registered and become an active user, you will understand the importance of Worknrby in your life. But if you have not to register nearer yet and wants to find out what it is like to be a part of Worknrby, then go through the Benefits of Worknrby mentioned below :

a. From Job seeker point of view:

1. Connects you to the vacant jobs in the vicinity:

With the help of Worknrby, the job seeker can easily search the jobs nearby. Finding a job nearby comes with a bunch of merits like; decreased time to reach office, raise in punctuality, fall in transportation costs, etc.

This particular feature hooks up your expertise in work with the vacant posts in the companies located near your place.

2. No stress regarding recruitment :

Some people tie-up with recruitment agencies. But after some time, it becomes painful to take up the calls and answer the never-ending emails. Therefore to save oneself from the headache of calls and emails, this application comes with the feature where you can chat. Just by chatting for a few hours or minutes, you can know if the job is interview is worth a try.

3. Easy to find the concerned job :

Use the filters to find the job of your choice. Filters will show you the results as per your wish. The employer or company whose profile meets your demand will be shown as a result in your feed.

You can easily apply by verifying some details.

4. Secured way:

Unlike some other platforms, Worknrby knows that your privacy is the utmost concern. Therefore until the employer has verified his details, he cannot contact you.

Also, the details that you share with this portal are kept confidential and are not a matter of public information.

Right from phone number to mail address, everything is kept confidential.

5. No need to prepare a resume anymore :

The application helps the person to create a curriculum vitae. You don’t have to upload any sort of document; instead, you will be asked to prepare the documents which are necessary from the employer’s point of view.

You will be asked to fill two forms. The first form will consist of general information. Whereas the second form will consist of all the details regarding your education, job profile, skills, experience, etc.

b. From the employer’s side :

1. Employees nearby :

What is an excuse that will never go out of fashion?

“ Sorry sir, I got late due to traffic!” is not it the most used and immortal excuse? Well, it is. Hence to save yourself from hearing this, the target for employees that live in the vicinity. These guys will naturally be punctual because they will not stress about the time taken to travel. This factor will also help the employees to stay in a healthy bond with the manager, which again plays an important role in the hierarchy of employment.

2. Optimum utilization of time and energy :

Instead of browsing through the internet all day long for months, register yourself here. This application will facilitate you in finding the right person for the vacant post in your company.

Use the filters to capture the employee of your choice. Once you have made the decision, the results displayed in your feed will be according to your interests. Choose among the latest profiles before they are backed by another company or business.

3. Transparent way :

Worknrby facilitates the employer to chat with the person looking for a job. The way a person writes texts and talks, says a lot about him, this will play an important role in deciding if the person is worth the chance of an interview.

No matter how much of an actor the other person could be, his profile and his ambitions will display his real self.


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