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FaceApp has been in the market since the last two years and has yet again without many hindrances, managed to earn popularity in recent months.

The application’s capability to turn one’s face in an old face makes it unique and best among the existing beauty apps. Also, the accuracy used to convert one’s look in old or younger is commendable and can tempt a stone to try the look. But as we all know, good things come with good costs. Hence, the more interesting the app features, the more risk a customer has to bear.

It has been noticed that the application does not provide a guarantee to keep customers’ information confidential. But when we see the market, so far applications came with a security code that is difficult to break. Leaving these norms behind, FaceApp is establishing its feet in the most tech influenced era.

The application stands a chance to exploit your username, pictures, likeness, voice, etc for commercial purposes. Though, the honesty in respect to the public display of one’s information deserves a moment of appreciation. Still, it should be an eye-opener because sharing this much about yourself can land you in danger.

And for all those who have not tried the FaceApp yet and are dying to give it a shot but are afraid to let their information go viral, you should mind going through the alternatives mentioned below. These are more secure than FaceApp. Cannot believe? Try out the following apps:

1. Old face maker:

You can add old age effects to your pictures with the help of options provided by this app. Though the application lacks accuracy and sharpness of old age effect it also manages to keep the picture funny instead of eerie.

old face app - Worknrby

Try this app for free on Android and iOS.

2. Old age booth photo editor:

Yet again, the app with old age features. But this time, it is made better with the help of funny tools. There are old age apps where one looks spooky, but this app allows you to add a fun effect to it.

Old age booth photo editor- Worknrby

Android and iOS users can avail this for free.

3. Aging Booth:

This is a fun photograph functionality developed to keep the users entertained. Android and iOS users can exploit this for free and live the future just by clicking a picture and uploading it here.

Aging Booth- Worknrby

This application is easy to understand and use. It does not require large memory on your smart cells and super easy to work in areas with the low network.

4. Age Face:

The full name of this app is Age Face-Make me young. This app helps you to go back to the younger days. Unlike the trend, this will take you back to the days when you were younger. In case you want to be nostalgic about the beauty you once possessed, can do it now with the help of Age Face app.

Utilize this incredible app and take pride in sharing your looks. This application is safe to use.

Age Face-Make me young- Worknrby

Android users can avail this app for free.

5. Old Face:

The working process and result are similar to that of FaceApp. But unlike FaceApp, one stands minimal chances of going viral. This app allows experiencing the somewhat a 1/4th of FaceApp, but at least it does not ask for much of your information and let you start the process as soon as possible.

old face- Worknrby

This is a free app. Try this, might turn into the worth of experience!

6. Oldify:

Now, this is the app which helps you in taking the real view of old age!

The accuracy is admirable and worth of a nightmare for everyone who thinks, they will have the flawless skin till they turn 80. The app focuses on how one will look when they turn 80 years’ old.

Right from a fetus to adult, everyone can have a look at their 80’s face by trying this app.

Oldify- Worknrby

The app is free for Android users, and it will cost $ 0.99 to iOS users.

7. MakeApp 3.0:

Good news for all those who don’t like putting makeup on their face because this application helps the person to add and remove the makeup from their body or face.

MakeApp lets you use the neural network to add or remove the makeup on or from any face. This application allows you to record virtual makeup selfie videos just like Snapchat and Instagram.

makeapp- Worknrby

The application can be availed by iPhone users only. This is free to use and access.


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