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Landing your first job as a fresher can be quite tricky since you do not have any experience to back up strong words. Most freshers will be enthusiastic about getting a job but will have no idea on how to go about finding jobs, job interviews, resume building, and other such stuff. Your employment is a serious matter and should be dealt with utmost priority. Let us talk about how to get your first job successfully.

Where should freshers look for jobs?

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There is a horde of job portals that provide all kind of jobs to job seekers. However, most of these platforms become fully functional after fees from either one or both the sides. It becomes tough for freshers to search for career options in these cases.

Worknrby is a job search platform that helps you find various opportunities near your locality. You can get all kinds of opportunities like work from home jobs, freelance jobs, full-time jobs, jobs for freshers, online part time jobs, internship jobs, and other job vacancies. It also sends you free job alert on being shortlisted by the employer.

Also important to note is the fact that Worknrby is 100% FREE for everybody. Employers can post for free, and job seekers can search for free.

6 Tips to get selected in your very first interview

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Know the company: An essential but often neglected part is the in-depth analysis of the employer’s website. Know your employer well and be prepared for this question. The employer will be more than glad to know that you are aware of the company’s work profile.

Talk about previous successes: You are just another guy for the interviewer. He does not care about you unless you have something substantial. Talk about all the projects that you have been a part of. It sets you apart and makes the recruiter interested in knowing more.

To The Point Resume: Time is the key, my friend. Your recruiter only wants the critical achievements of your life and not some college project that you were so enthusiastic about. Highlight the points that you want to be seen.

Start with a substantial introduction: Your introduction is really important. You should be able to tell if your introduction was substantial or not by the expressions of the listener. Make sure your introduction is not a mere copy of your resume.

Talk about your social presence: Your social media presence talks a lot about your personality. Make sure your social media accounts are well maintained and contain the least trash, especially your twitter and LinkedIn.

Strengthen your primary skills: Your skills will always keep you ahead in the game and must be taken care of first. Learn email writing skills, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and Calling & communication skills. Also, work on your Internet searching skills.

Take care of all the above points, and you will see a dramatic boost in your interview performance. Preparing ahead will keep you ahead.

Good luck with your interview. Let us know, in the comment section below, if we were of any help.


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