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All of us are familiar with dissimilarities between ourselves who are stuck at lower level companies and the person working for the highest ranked corporate office. Because society makes sure one never forgets how worthless he is in comparison to the one who is settled in a company that’s promising a million dollar paycheck in return for his services.

But what if I say this is a myth and you; an employee of a normal company is similar to the one working for a million dollar paycheck? Do not get how? Well to understand it better, below are the 7 qualities every person has despite the job variations:

1. Hierarchy is the base:

We are working for our superiors and our superiors are working for their managers. None of us is a boss of their own which implies, the difference of post is nothing but more of a way to feel low about you. Hence, clear your thoughts on where you stand and what is your importance in this cycle of command.

2. Presence is important:

Your manager might not have verbally told you that you are important for the organization’s growth point of view. So, you need to unlock the hidden appreciation by understanding that you are still a part of the particular firm. Your position or the type of work assigned to you does not mean you are less or more important than others but it simply signifies that the company you are working for, cannot work without you.

3. Growth and profit come out of one’s exertion:

The kind of post given to one does not change the fact that one has to sweat for success. It does not matter if you are sitting at a high level, you will always have to make efforts to derive the best out of your as well as the lower level employee’s actions. Thus know how your efforts matter instead of the position.

4. Perform your way to promotion:

No matter how high we stand in our professional lives, we will have to work our way to promotion. Nobody is assigned to a higher level of authority without being tested.

Remember, you will have to perform and let everyone have a look into your caliber to get things done.

5. Money is the mother of need to work:

Both; an IIT graduate and a private university graduate, graduated within an aim to settle with a job which least promises to live. You see, without money, everything is a mere possibility. Hence to be able to taste what it feels to have your own money and pay bills on your own, we take up odd jobs or settle with jobs as high as UPSC.

6. Best has been delivered:

The hierarchy at a lower level and higher level; both are giving output with the help of their best skills. People present at both levels are doing what they do best. Therefore it will be in right respect to say; the two types of hierarchy mentioned here are assigned their kind of work and their output is in correspondence with their choice of field.

7. Everyone is human first:

Your positions and social status might differ like land differs from the sky. But there are things as basic as being a human, which will always come first. Your status and ability to maintain posh or your disability to maintain posh will never be a matter of fact. Instead, how you are as a person and what you are to everyone around will matter.

Remember, we are all human with two legs to walk, to hands to write and eat, two eyes to gaze at the beauty, one nose to take in what environment has to offer and a brain to think wise. Hence, do not discriminate on the basis of someone’s job.



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