We spend half our lives working in the office and there are high chances that we might land up against a big bad boss. Toxic environments can be cured but a bad boss is not going to be easy on you. Bosses can go rogue and then it is hard to get them back by your side. The major issue in having a bad boss is that you lose upon your primary source of motivation.

I hope not, but if you are assisting a bad boss, I’d suggest you try one/all of the following to peace out :

Identify the root:

Make sure it is not you who has caused this indifference. Walk back the memory lane and look out for incidents where you might have caused him trouble. If it’s not you, try to identify the root of the issue.

Know your boss. He is human and not perfect:

Know your boss better and try talk out things whenever can. Most people become bosses without ever actually getting trained to do so. This new position can be tiring for them as well. And for the worst case scenario, he might have his own bad boss.

Talk to him and try to make things work straight between the two of you. Observe him for a few weeks and see what instigates him. Learn to keep yourself in check and avoid things that the boss dislikes.

Know your role:

Your boss doesn’t always have authority on you. You are assigned a set of responsibilities and getting them done will fulfill your shared accountability. Arrange meetings with your boss and ask him, about your roles and responsibilities and his expectations from you. Also, ask him if he sees you achieving his expectations.

There is always some good:

Time may be harsh on you right now, but there’s always some good in everything. Look out for things that your boss is excellent in, be it communication, task management, or even poetry for that sake: just reach out and appreciate him for being so good at that thing.

Another important thing to consider is the amount of facilities you get in the office. Is the pay good? Do you get enough time for family and kids? Are the work hours feasible? If all the good still feels sweet and wanted, avoid the bad and try to comfort with it.

The bad outweighs the good:

If the bad outweighs the good, then you have no choice but quit. You have to quit to take care of your physical health, your mental health, and your career progress chart.

Keep networking and find a new job.


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