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The Software industry is witnessing a recordable hike ever since the development of smartphones has started. Smartphones are mini laptops which guide us in our day to day life. These are easy to handle and comes at a reasonable price. This is why they have become the customer’s priority.

They say if they have smartphones, they will survive anything, only if little did they know their smartphones and themselves cannot survive without apps. The apps are responsible for providing us the services we demand.

The app market is experiencing tremendous growth, and it is estimated that it will never stop growing. Apps comprise of several software. Before developing an app, companies often opt for the development of their own software so that they do not have to be depended on some other company.

Software is developed by professionals. The proof of whether the developed software is working fine can be seen in two ways; either by code or by testing the software. The errors in code can be determined only by the developer or programmer involved in developing it, whereas a Quality Analyst can determine the errors by performing tests via software testing tools. The best of such tools are present below:

1. HPE Unified Functional Testing or QTP:

HPE Unified Functional Testing was earlier known as HP Quick Test Professional. This testing tool facilitates functional and regression testing.

Some of its features are as follows:

a. Ability to smart recognition of the object

b. Unbeatable error handling mechanism

c. Has automated documentation

d. Creates parameters for objects, checkpoints, and data-driven tables

e. Integrated with Mercury Quality Center and Mercury Business Process Testing

2. Selenium:

Selenium is a testing framework mainly used for testing web applications across browsers and platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. This also facilitates the testers to write the test in many programming languages like JAVA, PHP, Python, C#, Groovy, Ruby and Perl, etc.

selenium testing tool - worknrby

One need not have the entire knowledge of Selenium because it offers records and playback features which can be used to write the tests.

There are some well-known browsers which support Selenium and have it as the native part of their browser.

Most of the software testing tools are based on this framework (not entirely but partially).

3. TestComplete:

TestComplete tests the functionalities of the software. This testing tool helps Quality Analysts with automated testing for websites, desktop, and mobile applications.

Here are some of its important features:

a. Does GUI testing

b. Language support- JAVA, Python, C#, VBScript, Jscript, DelphiScript, C++

c. Enables test to visualize, Scripted testing, test recording, and playback

4. TestingWhiz:

TestingWhiz is a unique testing tool because it enables the codeless scripting feature. This tool is a complete package of automated testing solutions like web, software, database, API, and Mobile App testing. It can also perform Regression test suite Maintenance, Optimization and Automation, and cross-browser testing.

Some of its features:

a. Keyboard and data-driven and distributing testing

b. Helps with Browser Extension Testing and object eying the Internal recorder

c. Integrated with bug tracking tools (Jira, Mantis, TFS, and FogBugz) and management tools including TestRail, HP Quality Center, Microsoft VSTS, and Zephyr

d. SMTP integrated

e. Has a centralized object repository and customized recording rule

5. Watir:

Pronounced as WATER, is an open testing tool made up of Ruby libraries to aid the web app testing.

watrir- Worknrby

Following are the features:

a. Cross-Browser testing is possible

b. Buttons, forms, links, and their responses can be tested via Watir

c. Can work with business development tools like RSpec, Cucumber, and test/unit

d. Can test any language-based web app

6. Ranorex:

Ranorex provides various testing tools to test the desktop, web, and mobile app.

ranorex- Worknrby

Here is why it is worth a shot:

a. Test codes can be reusable

b. Efficient bug detection

c. Can record and playback

d. Holds various tools and is GUI recognized

7. Tosca Testsuite:

Tricentis made Tosca Testsuite is model-based test automation to automate software testing.

tools - Worknrby

Tosca Testsuite qualities:

a. Self plan and design the test cases

b. Has test data provisioning

c. Comes with integrated management and can test mobile apps

d. Amazing risk coverage tools

e. Is a service virtualization network

8. Sahi:

This automates web app testing. Sahi can be written in JAVA and JAVAScript programming language.

saahi- Worknrby

Some of its qualities:

a. Can perform multi-browser testing

b. Can record and playback on the browser testing

c. Supports Framework: ExtJS, ZK, Dojo, YUI, etc. frameworks

9. Katalon Studio:

Katalon is built with a specialized interface for API, web, and mobile testing. This is a free software testing tool which beats Selenium and Appium.

This tool has got you covered with the best Web UI test automation.

katalon- Worknrby

Why this is worth a try:

a. Supports languages- JAVA and Groovy

b. The smooth testing process with images due to Built-in support for Image-based testing

c. Immune to integrated tools like Jenkins and TeamCity

d. Supports duel-editor Interface

10. Telerik TestStudio:

Telerik TestStudio facilitates one solution to automate web, desktop, and mobile app.

telerik test studio- Worknrby

Features are as follows:

a. Supports Languages: HTML, AJAX, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Silverlight, WPF, and MVC

b. Can record and playback, perform cross-browser testing and manual testing

c. Integrated with Visual basic studio 2010, 2012 and bug tracking tools


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