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Comprises a set of informative topics related to jobs and the latest job trends in the market. Employee Zone is a compressed section for all the stuff job seekers are looking for.

Role of company culture in business success - worknrby

Role of company culture in business success

Every organization whether small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale, follows some work values framing professional criteria of its own which are generally known as company culture. Since the company culture defines the working...
dream career jobs in jaipur- Worknrby

Worknrby: The one-stop to your dream career

A career with a scope and the desired job is all that every person wants. Today, when we can see that there is so much competition in the job market, everyone...
Here are the 5 Job search hacks that can help you make your job search easier. - worknrby

Top 5 job search hacks

If you are thinking that you are going to land a perfect job by using different job search hacks, then you are right. However, if you are planning to perform a...
Refer and Earn with Worknrby

Refer and Earn with Worknrby

Doing a job and getting paid for it is good. But have you ever thought of earning money with job search? Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? Worknrby is an emerging online job search...
Are you forgetting these 5 Chat etiquettes- Worknrby

Are you forgetting these 5 Chat Etiquettes?

For some people, it is relatively difficult to understand that sending an emoji in an official email is off the list and one should never do it. It is not just...
Economic Slowdown in India, not in IT- worknrby

Economic Slowdown in India, not in IT

The newspapers and online news portals are buzzing with alerts indicating to economical destruction our country is about to witness and witnessing now. Fall in the sale and shut down of...
Impact of economic growth on the employment scale of a nation- Worknrby

Impact of economic growth on the employment scale of a nation

We often see that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of a country increases, but there is no actual development of the national economy as a whole. The reason behind this is that...
Planning AI oriented company Employee these people- Worknrby

Planning AI oriented company: Employee these people

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of our lives. The increased dependence on AI-oriented technology is evidence of the inevitable bright future in it. Experts say that the AI industry...

Are phishing emails targeting your office employees?

There are more than 80% of employees who cannot distinguish between a genuine and a fraud email. Phishing is one of the most common and oldest ways to obtain confidential information via...
Sacred Games Gaitonde is the boss goals- Worknrby

Sacred Games: Ganesh Gaitonde taught us 7 Corporate Lessons

Indian TV series fan has grown more expectations for TV series than the Indian government. The reason behind such a rise in expectation is the increased drama and advanced way of...

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Earning a million just by searching bugs in the application may sound unbelievable but it is more existential than the hair on a bald...
how to post a job on worknrby

How to post a Job on Worknrby?

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