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Emphasises on all hot topics related to the hiring process and the latest trends in business. Employer Zone consists of a bunch of treasure that provides a deep insight into every aspect of hiring.

Planning AI oriented company Employee these people- Worknrby

Planning AI oriented company: Employee these people

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of our lives. The increased dependence on AI-oriented technology is evidence of the inevitable bright future in it. Experts say that the AI industry...
Sacred Games Gaitonde is the boss goals- Worknrby

Sacred Games: Ganesh Gaitonde taught us 7 Corporate Lessons

Indian TV series fan has grown more expectations for TV series than the Indian government. The reason behind such a rise in expectation is the increased drama and advanced way of...
Why you need an idle Employee- Worknrby

Why you need an ideal Employee?

“What is the definition of an ideal employee? An ideal employee is a person who performs with sheer concentration and makes every possible effort to achieve the predetermined goal.” This is...
Before an Employer you must become a Teacher- Worknrby

Before an Employer you must become a Teacher

Nobody is born with utter perfection and excellence. In simpler words; a person is a living organism who is made up of mistakes committed by him in his share of life....
The differently abled talent pool is untouched- Worknrby

The differently abled talent pool is Untouched

“It’s not the disability but the environment, which is dis-enabling” Hari Raghavan is a specialist in banking and financial services and aids his services to the businesses in Mumbai with technological solutions....
12 Movie Dialogues that Double as great piece of Advice- Worknrby

12 Movie Dialogues that Double as great piece of Advice

I know the title is a bit catchy but trust me when I say this, ‘Movies teach us some great life lessons’. We go out to movies to sit back and...
job hunting- Worknrby


Worknrby is a platform that assists you in all possible ways. It is not just a job portal that enhances your job search by helping you do it locally but also...
Make your workplace SAFE FOR WOMEN- Worknrby

Make your workplace SAFE FOR WOMEN

Organizations have to go beyond just adhering to the law. They need to walk the longer darker road, to tell the benefits of a gender-equal workplace. The problems in India are...
Why Should you target job fairs for your hiring process- Worknrby

Why should you target Job Fairs for your Hiring Process

Companies often find difficulties in hiring candidates that have the zeal to achieve company goals. Most businesses take part in the job fairs because they are such a lucrative means of...

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