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When it comes to project management and spreadsheet recording, we tend to go for Microsoft Excel. This is easy to use and get along which makes it the most used spreadsheet and management tool.

Excel sheet can work as a simple spreadsheet platform. This helps in maximum customization and quick processing of data. Due to this, the tool is considered important to date.

But the popularity of this Microsoft tool can’t hide the fact that it lacks many techniques that can make the management work easier. Therefore, here are 7 project management and spreadsheet tools which will solve the problems Excel could not:

A. Project Management Tools:

1. nTask:

nTask costs you $2.99 per month. This project management tool helps in storing, processing, organizing and collaborating. Also, the working is easy to understand.
Due to the features mentioned below, this is considered the best Excel alternative for project management:

  • Task management: Helps in task recurrence, prioritization, and task status
  • Gantt Charts: Helps in scheduling and reporting
  • Time tracking modules: to track individual task efforts
  • Meeting Management: Helps in scheduling the meeting for agenda, recurrence, and follow-ups
  • Issue management: Helps in the identification of issues and problems during the development of the project.
  • Risk management: Document all the expected risks during development
  • Collaboration features like comment under the task and timesheets approval
  • Notification, reminders, and alerts to keep the work on track
  • Third-party access

As mentioned already, this tool is not free.

2. Jira:

Jira is also a project management tool. This allows the workflow mapping of projects with multiple Agile functionalities.

This 2nd best Microsoft Excel alternative provides access to the library of Agile reports; ranging from burndown to burnup charts to sprint and velocity charts.

Jira has the following features:

  • Issue tracker
  • Agile reports
  • Project roadmap or workflow
  • Scrum boards
  • Customizable project dashboard
  • Third-party app integration

This is free to use for seven days. After the completion of the free trial, $10 per month will be charged.

3. Smartsheet:

Smartsheet is a project management tool with a spreadsheet-like interface.

It is used in assigning tasks, tracking project progress, managing calendars and sharing project documents. This tool is best for work management.

Its project tracking and customization functionality make it 3rd best alternative for Excel.

Smartsheet features are as follows:

  • Project Dashboard
  • Activity record: work done each day can be recorded
  • Pre-built templates for projects
  • Team portals
  • Resource management
  • Alerts via reminders and notifications
  • Gantt Charts
  • Easy to share sheets
  • Document Management

The software allows a 14-day free trial, after that, it can be subscribed at $14 and $25 per month for individual and team respectively.

4. Airtable:

Airtable is a cloud-based project management software. This software is a combination of spreadsheet and database which aims to deliver a user-friendly experience.

With the help of Airtable, you can organize your work the way you want to. This also lets you create multiple databases in one location for quick and easy access.

This tool is free to use and has the following features:

  • Time tracker
  • Video chat
  • Task management
  • Project templates
  • Issues tracker
  • Project sorting filters
  • Secured file attachments
  • Third-party app integration

The software is free and for extra features, you can take up the membership at just $10 per month.

B. Spreadsheet tools:

1. Google sheets:

With functionalities and design similar to Excel, Google sheets are comparatively easy to manage. Google sheets store the files in the Cloud; this is not done by Excel. Hence, it is true that it has features Excel lacks.

You can share Google sheets while you are working on them. You can put a reminder, issue or add information by commenting or chatting with the team.

Google sheets are easy to share and include the following features:

  • Easy to share
  • Pre templates for projects
  • Charts and graphs
  • Allows comments within the worksheet
  • Automatic data backup
  • Gives access to the third party

2. LibreOffice:

LibreOffice is yet again a free spreadsheet alternative. An open-source office suite is extremely compatible with document layouts.

The tool comes with 6 important component programs; Writer or word processing, Calc or spreadsheets, Impress or presentations, Dram or vector graphics, Math or formula editor and Base or database.

Some LibreOffice features are as follows:

  • Diagrams and flowcharts to make the explanation easy
  • Word processor
  • Templates for presentation
  • Highly compatible with all documents

3. Zoho Sheet:

A cloud-based free sheet which is the top 3rd best alternative of Microsoft Excel. This has collaboration features as well as provides spreadsheet functionalities.

This application has an option to lock a particular cell which is used for ensuring data security. The version history feature of this application keeps your data backed up for you to access anytime you wish.

Zoho sheet has the following features:

  • Public and personal spreadsheet
  • Works in all Document formats
  • Charts and graphs
  • Comments in sheets
  • Shareable sheets
  • User-specific lock setting
  • Checklist management

This tool is free to use.


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