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Flexibility is a necessity in our lives. Be it in respect to our occupation, decisions worth changing life or space between the relationships. Among all these, occupational flexibility plays an important role in shaping human beings. This is achieved by flexible working hours. Which means an employee is free to come and go at any time of the day for as long as he/she puts up efforts and completes work on time.

Through time-freedom, employees experience work-life balance as a result of which there is increased productivity towards the achievement of company goals. If seen from the employees’ perspective, the deal looks beneficial, but is it true?

Let’s find out by going through the perks of flexible hours mentioned below:

1. Increased presence:

Employees tend to fall sick due to the tight working process. Sometimes it gets severe and hard to defend for an employee to stick by the harsh time limits. Sickness turns into leave for the day or two or more than that. But in the case of time-freedom, employees do not suffer from any such problem and do not take leaves often.

2. Balance in work life:

One does not have to sit extra hours in the office. They can complete the work from home if they are willing to.

Sometimes, working at home can be more productive than at the office because, at home, one’s mind experiences peace.

3. Reduced stress level:

Freedom stimulates your brain to become positive. Instead of panicking on the way to office because you forgot to do some tasks, you focus on completing the task at home, which helps in the delivery of work on time.

4. Loyalty towards the company:

Employees will not run away from the responsibilities assigned to them or behave recklessly because there is too much to complete in a short period. An evident change in behavior can be noticed through flexible timings.

5. A noticeable change in productivity level:

Human’s brain works better when the body is comfortable. And it is undeniable, 9-5 job is everything but comfortable for the human body.

But freedom regarding working time can result in faster completion of work and increased profit level.

6. Reduced consumption of time and fuel cost used in traveling to the office:

The longer the distance, the timely and costly the travel. But if employees are allowed to work from home, it will help them in saving time, and they can utilize this in completing the office work.


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