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Twitter has decided to be a part of the advancement race by rolling out the changed version last month. The upgrade is different from our old lovely Twitter. The upgrade includes the following noticeable changes: you can see the bio of a person on top of their profile instead on the left side and the navigation bar which seems to resemble the micro-blogging platform app interface.

Users are not happy with this change, because according to the new design is pretty confusing. Some popular personalities jumped in their favor by tweeting against the upgrade.

Yet twitter has not introduced a direct way to get back to the same twitter. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Follow these steps to get back to the web-based old version of Twitter:

Note: As the twitter does not provide a fix solution to an old and new version of it, all the steps taken will be a part of “temporarily fix”.

1. Your Twitter Profile > Navigation menu > Tap on “more”

2. Now, tap on “settings and privacy” option under “more”

3. Twitter About > Tap on “Directory”

4. Now the separate window is displayed, click on the “home” option.

As mentioned above, this is a temporary fix and you will be able to access the old version of twitter but you will see upgraded version as soon as you browse the twitter on the web. Or if someone is finding difficulty in the above steps then it is prescribed that you should clear the browser cache before going through the above-mentioned steps.

But those who cannot bear the pain of following these steps can download GoodTwitter extension on all the web services used by you. On logging in you will see this is app will automatically display the older version of Twitter.

This service is not provided by Twitter but one of its users was tensed with the situation, so thought to gift us with this app. He claims this app is safe to use and the extension does not read the user’s history.


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