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We have all been using Gmail for decades now, and there have been no significant changes in the design since its launch. So, I can see where this excitement comes from. Google recently added some major updates that have made users super excited.

Also, it’s not just the internet that is crazy about these new updates. Google has taken some real steps to make things much easier. You can do everything in Gmail right from the inbox.

With this version of Gmail, you can stay focused on what matters. Here is the list of 5 things you must try in the new version.

The Gmail Nudge:

Many a time, we forget to respond to emails that are important and realise it only days later that we have messed things up. Gmail has introduced the nudge feature to remind you about emails you need to reply to. There’s also an option to snooze emails and set a timer before you want to see it again.

Smart Compose:

Google just made it’s machine learning a little better and added this feature called Smart Compose. It helps you write sentences by suggesting phrases that you can use with just one tap.

Smart Reply:

Google gives auto-reply suggestions that you can use to reply to emails on the go.

Work Offline:

Gmail now works offline. Enable the offline mode to read and respond to emails. Just head to to start working offline.

All at one place:

Gmail provides quick access to essential things like Google Calendar, Keep and Tasks right from your inbox. You never have to go away from the inbox to do little tasks such as setting up a reminder.

Improved Security:

Google takes care of spam and phishing messages by giving you a big red prompt about the message being potentially dangerous. You can choose to delete it or proceed with the email.

Gmail is free for all users and here are a few tricks that should help you work faster. Let us know if you like the new updated feel for Gmail.


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