Going for an Interview? Make sure you have got a grip on these 7 things.

The interview is not an easy task. One needs to take an extra mile to outstand the crowd. And the way to excel the art of being able to use your mind and words in correspondence can be done by practicing. Yes, “Preparation” is the key to nail an interview.

It does not matter how talented and smart you are if you are going unprepared, chances are you will be rejected. You see there is no way back from an unfortunate intro, naïve answer and foolish dressing; because this way you are delivering the message that you don’t care about the opportunity provided.

Whatever the kind of job it may be, there are things that go mutual in all interviews. To understand it better here are 7 things to hold on to while going for an interview:

1. Dress Smart:

A shabby look makes the pretty face look unattractive.   Dress according to the job you have applied for. For example, if you have applied for staff in hotel or cruise or airlines, then you need to put up the best of professional clothing along with the hair is done right. Whether you are a girl or a boy, it is important to look presentable.

2. Clarity on your ambitions:

A person who is all over the place and does not know what he wants out of his life can never be interviewer’s choice. Being acquainted with your goals and expectations will give you ideas and way to achieve them. Express your approach towards the job and the interviewer will see if you are the one!

3. Well prepared resume:

Writing a resume is important because it gives an insight into how you are as a whole. Follow a format which suits your experience the most. Highlight your achievements and most prominent experiences; doing so will help the person understand your aim and willingness to strive for success.

4. Words and experience must correspond:

Your years of hard work will go unnoticed if what you are saying and what is written in your curriculum vitae does not match. Sometimes due to an adrenaline rush, we say things we did not intend to and in order to control it from happening, you can practice yoga. Master the way to answer in the most appropriate manner and you will get selected in any interview you may like.

5. Dump Lies:

A lair is not difficult to get identified. If you are lying then chances are, you will be caught and rejected for doing it. Try to be transparent with the interviewer and share the experiences you have had so far. Do not try to act an experience because the interviewer has already run a background check on you. Be yourself, the worst that could happen is, you will not get a job that you do not have.

6. Stop waiting for the right opportunity to speak:

One does not wait for the right opportunity; instead one makes the opportunity right. Hence do not wait on your time; it might not be your day. Understand the questions being asked and try to answer them with an intellect approach. All you have to do is, keep your mind and ears open. If either of one is not attentive then it becomes difficult to respond.

7. Before you say yes, analyze the work environment:

A workplace is full of all those things you did not know existed. Look around, talk to the employees and try to know how they have been treated. Also, you will be spending time around the employees and not the boss, to see if the people working there match up with the quality of colleagues you want to work with. A sustainable environment is important to grow.


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