Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are not secure anymore- worknrby

Remember how shocking it was to find that we have finally achieved the robotics age through Alexa powered by Amazon, Google Home, and Siri powered by Apple? Well, it is not the same anymore because the increased dependence on these virtual assistants has become more dangerous than ever.

The recently conducted research at Japan University and the University of Michigan has declared that our beloved assistants- Siri, Alexa, and Google home are breakable. That is right, even Google home can be broken, and anyone willing to make bare efforts can come inside your Google secured home.

What is the study?

As per the information made public by both universities- the security can be broken by skillfully pointing the light or laser beam. Sounds awful? Well, it is indeed awful yet the simplest ways to break through and access your personal information.

How is the study so sure about the security offense?

May be researchers were playing laser game with their cats and ended up invading Google Assistant! Who knows how is the theory-driven, but the surety of offense was proven when a few experiments same out successful.

Experiment 1: Conducted for Google Home

a. The team climbed 140 feet tall tower at the University of Michigan and could easily control a Google Home device on the fourth floor of a building present 230 feet away.

The experiment: A laser beam with the help of a telephoto lens was successful in breaking through the Google Home device.

b. The team opened the gates of the garage, which were controlled by Google device- the laser beam was thrown at the voice assistant.

Researchers say that breaking through the garage was an easy task. And with the help of light commands, they could have hijacked any appliance or digital system attached to the voice-controlled assistants.

Experiment 2: Alexa and Siri

a. The team said that they switched off and on the smart devices connected with Alexa. Also, online purchases and browsing were made without any problem.

b. In another test, they could easily turn off and on the car engine connected with the device.

These trials came out successful and thus are evidence of the vulnerability of these devices.

Earlier this year Amazon Alexa faced complaints on the voice offense. This was later solved by only putting tape on the microphones.

The moral here is that these devices may seem fine but are not secure enough to rely upon. Therefore, if you were thinking of getting smart devices or Alexa make sure they don’t break your security and make you vulnerable to theft.

Note: The above information is driven from the article published by one of the most trusted Indian newspaper agency. Also, the information given by the universities is not transparent. The article above is an abstract of theory.


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