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Getting back at a job after a career break is difficult but not impossible. There are so many companies who demand experienced candidate but due to lack of such personals, they have to settle for less. All the people thinking to get back into corporate after a career break can utilize such opportunities.

As you already have an experience, you might stand a chance to get selected for the post. But the question is, how do you start the job hunting after a long break in career? Do not worry; here is the A-Z guide on how to enhance your chances of getting selected after a career break:

1. Analyze your position:

You have to know where you stand right now. This gives you a clear picture of all the directions that you can explore. If you have done this right way then it is impossible to not get success in whichever direction you choose.

2. Strategize your return:

Research the market closely; weigh your options and decide what could be best for you. Here, you need to step out of your comfort zone and explore beyond the territory. Make sure to learn all the skills and changes that were imposed during your absence in the market.

3. Exploit Social Media:

Internet is a rich source of job, one such source is Worknrby; this application helps you to get in touch with all the vacant jobs near you. This is a time and energy saving process to find a job.

4. Start by freelancing opportunities:

Do not worry if the market is being tough. The easiest way to get started is by freelancing through Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and LinkedIn or by registering on Worknrby. Pitch the employers via platforms mentioned above and start working as soon as possible.

5. Prepare a cover letter:

Use your career break to stand out and impress the employers. Write down all the new skills you have learned during the break. Make sure to prepare a well-written cover letter. Highlight your motivation and past victories instead of focusing on the job role.

6. Hit up your network:

Get in contact with all the ex-office colleagues and HR managers. Ask everyone in your network to spread the word as far as possible.

7. Go for small targets:

To cope up with the career break, you can start by applying in companies and institutions at a small level. Even time off shorter as 3 months might leave you blank in regard of amendments made in the industry your concern.

Target small business and try to gather the information in respect of your profession.

In the end, be confident. Wear your confidence like a crown and keep moving no matter how many times you face failures. Do not let a few failures hinder the process to get them back in the market.


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