With the enormous technological advancements taking place all over the world, the IT sector has experienced unbelievable dynamics in the hiring process since last year. 

However, the implementation of demonetization and GST (Goods and Services Tax) has put forward a minimal break on the hiring process

Many large financial institutions that have already established their technology centers in the country are moving forward towards expanding their IT talent base.

Enormous requirements are going to come up in the name of full-stack developers, UX and UI engineers, analytical professionals, etc.

Great human resource managers reveal their thoughts about the recruitment and its related elements, and yes, we can foresee the efficiency level required to hire a candidate in a job process.

Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity. -RICHARD BRANSON

The above-stated quote expresses the need for developing an efficiency level while determining the criteria over which a candidate is going to be judged. Therefore, it becomes vital to hire the right people by envisaging the right questions all along.

You need to have a collaborative hiring process. -STEVE JOBS, FORMER CEO OF APPLE

Steve Jobs rightly said about how collaborative the hiring process should be to hit the ground and get the best candidate.

The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good. –JOE KRAUS

Rightly stated by Joe Kraus, that it is much more expensive to hire someone who is not up to the expectation than dropping the one who is good for the organization.

Points to keep in mind during the hiring process

Not only candidates seeking employment have to consider precautions, but on the counterpart employers or recruiters also need to consider many points while conducting a hiring process.

A clear vision of position analysis

As an employer, you should know about the job and the skills a candidate must possess to get into that job profile. If you want to hire a perfect candidate, you should set a base for selection, so that you can hire an ideal candidate for that particular profile.

Conducting a short duration telephonic interview or video call

We know that conducting a face-to-face interview is very expensive for the company and time consuming as well. So the recruiter can go for a short duration telephonic or video call interview that will help you weed out the unfit candidates and reduce your unnecessary time consumption.

Pick up the right questions for the right position

The recruiter who is taking the interview must possess full-fledged knowledge of the practical aspects of that particular job profile. The hiring managers should ask the right questions and the questions that provide an insight into the practical capabilities of the aspiring candidate.

Conducting a proper screening interview

The screening interview refers to the optimization of required qualifications the company seeks into a candidate. In the screening stage, it is checked whether the candidate possesses the required qualification with the certification or not.

Testing the candidate’s technical knowledge

Only academics and good certification are not enough; the recruiter should also ask the candidate some questions relevant to the technicalities related to that particular job profile. It will reveal his technical grip and knowledge he sustains. The more he is confident and experienced in his verdicts, the more he will be in his operations.

Identify your hiring needs as per technicalities

It is a crucial dimension every recruiter needs to take care of. The interviewer must possess full-fledged knowledge of what is the technical requirement of the company from that particular job position. So you must first identify what your hiring needs are and then go ahead with interviewing laying a successful hiring plan.

Conducting a situational analysis

It is a crucial stage wherein you can judge a candidate by analyzing his decision-making ability. You can put him in different situations relevant to the technical requirement of his job position and examine his technical decision-making capabilities. Situational analysis can help you in actually deciding whether the candidate is perfect for the organization or not.

Checking and verifying background

When you are looking forward to appoint the candidate, verifying and cross-checking of the provided documents and his history is essential. It is imperative to come across the facade of what was the reason for leaving the previous organization. You must go deep into the roots of his background as you are hiring him as the asset of the organization.

If being in the place of an employer, you grasp all the bits of the above-stated points thoroughly; you can conduct successful hiring and get the best candidate for your organization. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.



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