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Remember when we used to visit the offices and give an interview for an hour or two and leave with an answer “We will let you know if there is an opening worth your experience.” To only never listen from them ever again?

Well, times have changed. Unlike the old days, the employee is more powerful than the one who is looking for a potential employee. And all this became a reality due to the rapid revolution in technology.

Today, we do not have to visit the office and introduce ourselves or showcase our skills. Instead, now we can easily grab a job under a tap of our finger. The job portals have empowered employees because none other than the revolutionary gods, who are the owners of these portals, understood the problem of a job seeker.

Such a portal called Worknrby is brought to you with a unique motive of connecting the person (candidate or employer) with the best employee or company near you.

But the question arises “what are the chances one will get selected or is a potential employee?”

The answer is simple, “The one who has studied and has experience in the relevant field.” Yet some people might have both the values mentioned above but the delivered results shout the opposite of their experience and studies.

Hence the person is considered worth a potential candidate for the post when he delivers excellent output. But how do we know about it without watching him perform?

In Worknrby, people seeking a job are given priority. Here, each step while creating the CV is important. Because there is no denying to the fact that one’s resume plays an important role in getting him a job opportunity. And resume comprises of your skills and talent.

All those who are seeking the answers on how to increase the chances of getting selected via Worknrby should go through the following points:

1. Do not lie about your experience:

Even if you succeed in lying about your skills, there will come a day when your manager will ask you to carry out the project with the help of that skill you lied about. And then it will be clear that you not only lied about your skills but also kept enjoying the privileges provided by the company.

This will ruin your image and you might stand chances of staying unemployed.

2. Keep learning:

Knowledge has the power to take you places which is why it is recommended to never stop learning. There is always that one task or action that can’t be performed in a single attempt or that can’t be delivered without asking for help.

Practice the course of action used in carrying out the task till you think, you will be able to rely upon yourself when this task or hurdle knocks on your desk.

3. Flex according to the market demand:

Always remember that the market controls your skills and it is never the other way around. Hence, you need to flex the way the market wants you to. This simply means that you need to learn and have experience in fields of market concern.

For example, suppose the market is indicating an increase in demand for WordPress developers. And you are a website developer and your command is excellent on PHP. WordPress comprises of PHP and MySQL, therefore it will not take more than two months for you to understand the development process.

This is a quick way of keeping up with the trends.

4. Provide a link to your live work:

Link of your live work will give an idea of your skills. This will enable the employer to understand if you are worth his time or not. Moreover, this beats all the things written in your resume because there is no bigger evidence of your experience than your work.

That is all!

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